Stratio Automotive: no more breakdowns

Stratio Automotive

Stratio Automotive: AI for zero downtime of your fleet

In today’s world, we hear a lot about intelligent vehicles that tell you when they are breaking down. But, we always keep thinking that when this technology becomes real? Yes, it is going real with Stratio Automotive.

Stratio Automotive Interface
Stratio Automotive Interface

Stratio Automotive is building AI that continuously monitors data in vehicles. This company has a specialization in automotive engineering and artificial intelligence.

The main focus is on the application of machine learning models in vehicles. So, these machine learning models help to retrieve and analyze various data points in vehicles. As today’s vehicles generate lots of data and harvesting that data is the key.

The crucial data in any vehicle is its health, vehicle condition, and performance data. As a result, these three key data points can help in early fault detection. The early fault detection minimizes downtime.

Stratio Automotive for manufacturers

The company has its own AI for analyzing various data points. The system first acquires data from various sensors located in various parts of the vehicle. These parts include engine, gearbox, transmission, HVAC, batteries, braking system and suspension.

Furthermore, the system then streams data in real-time. The current system is also compatible with existing data collection systems. However, this data must meet Stratio’s basic data requirement.

The proprietary machine-learning algorithm by Stratio Automotive then analyzes the incoming data and process it for early fault detection. These algorithms also keep learning from incoming data and enhancing accuracy and predictability. The system then shows the data to the client in a web-based interface. The data includes alerts, faults, and insights. It also includes performance data.

So, the manufacturer will know about repetitive faults, performance issues. This would help engineering teams identify the root cause of the problem. It saves money and resources for the company. In addition, the company can sell various maintenance services more precisely getting a better return on investment.

Stratio for fleet operators

Stratio Automotive is beneficial for fleet operators in a similar way mentioned above. The fleet owners can get meaningful insights from vehicular data. The data helps you to know failures in advance. It also helps you to keep your fleet efficient.

Furthermore, early breakdown predictability reduces downtime and keeps your fleet running all the time. The real-time data monitoring helps to make informed decisions well in advance. So, you can schedule or align your maintenance early. Thus, you can reduce your maintenance and repair cost.

Stratio Automotive databox

The Stratio Databox is vehicle grade equipment which has the ability to collect and stream 2millions of vehicle data points. The data box can be factory fitted or retrofitted in existing vehicles. It is compatible with all commercial vehicles communication systems. It is also compatible with any type of commercial vehicle- a hybrid, diesel, electric, etc.

In conclusion, Stratio Automotive is the beginning of a new era in the transportation industry. AI will play a key role here. In addition, the simplicity of implementation also directly affects the rate of adaption.

Image courtesy: Stratio Automotive.

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