World’s First Autonomous Truck: Freightliner Inspiration

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Autonomous Truck Freightliner Inspiration

There is an adage that says ‘having a foresight is only half part of the story, one who wins the battle is the one who acts accordingly!’ Undoubtedly, Daimler group fits aptly into the second category. Shortly after introducing the prototype of the autonomous truck named ‘Future Truck 2025’, the manufacturer has taken the trucking industry to new heights by introducing Freightliner Inspiration.This is the first roadworthy autonomous driving truck in the world. It has got the license to drive in the United States.

The Highway Pilot Switch (Courtesy: Daimler)
The Highway Pilot Switch (Courtesy: Daimler)

Like any other self-driving vehicle, fundamentally, this truck employs a highly sophisticated camera and radar unit. With the help of these instruments, the truck determines its position on the road and its maneuver is governed by the electronic software called ‘Highway Pilot’. The diagram below indicates positions of various key instruments of this system:

Key elements of autonomous behaviour (Courtesy:Daimler)

The long range radar on the Freightliner Inspiration scans the area of 820 feet in 18 degree segment. Its short-range radar scans 230 feet in 130 degree angle. Wide angle of the short range radar helps to keep track of the vehicles in the close vicinity of truck. The eye of this machine is a stereo-camera which sits behind the windscreen. It keeps a close watch on the lane markings, thereby assisting Highway Pilot to stay in lane. Besides Highway Pilot, this truck takes the help of numerous highly advanced technologies like Collision Prevention Assist, Brake Assist and Adaptive Cruise Control to drive smoothly. The driver can relax or perform any other activities after Highway Pilot takes the command. However, driver has to take control for off-highway driving.

Highway Pilot in action (Courtesy: Daimler)
Highway Pilot in action (Courtesy: Daimler)

Benefits of Autonomous truck Freightliner Inspiration:

Freightliner Inspiration is not just a ‘tech-toy’ but also a highly functional machine of the future designed to aid secure driving. There are numerous advantages of this technology such as:

  1. Reduced driving fatigue: As the system takes care of all the driving activities on highways, the stress on the driver reduces significantly.
  2. Improved safety due to the highly advanced systems.
  3. Improved fuel economy
  4. Reduced maintenance and repair costs

As we are on the brink of a major revolution, at this time, it is really difficult to imagine what could be the future of automotive industry…but vehicles like these are definitely the pioneers!

See Freightliner Inspiration in action:

For more information about Freightliner Inspiration, please click here:

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