Off-zone Crash Detection: What you should know

Off-zone crash detection

Bosch off-zone crash detection system: a lifesaver

Bosch is a global automotive technology brand working in automotive innovation. The company has a track record of developing new technology for occupant safety. A recent innovation is Off-zone crash detection.

First of all, this new system uses existing pieces of hardware. Its software stack consists of an algorithm that tracks unusual collisions on the fly. So, it’s a software solution that improves occupant safety in real-world car collisions and is not limited to the controlled environment.

So, the system is a software solution that protects the vehicle during a collision, which is different from standard crash tests. This software technology works entirely on standard occupant protection systems available in all cars worldwide.


In general, innovations occur accidentally, but Off-zone crash detection comes into reality due to a real accident with a bosch engineer in his hometown.

The said engineer works in occupant safety systems at Bosch mobility solutions. He met with an accident during vacationing in his hometown. The motorcyclist hit directly on the front end of the passenger side of his car. Fortunately, no one was wounded.

This accident sparked the idea of developing a system that keeps occupants safe in such kinds of impacts. The side front and rear end impacts generally occur while merging and overtaking on lanes. So, specifically during changing lanes, these incidents occur. According to data from the US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 14.4% of car crashes come into this category.

So, the Off-zone crash detection can save lots of lives. The algorithm accurately detects such impacts and can deploy safety measures in milliseconds.

The accident plants a seed in my brain and i played a vital role in designing this system. My team believed we could come up with very unique and smart solution and we did it and Bosch belived in our ability to do it.

Rameez Ahmad, Bosch Engineer.

How does Off-zone crash detection work?

First of all, Off-zone crash detection is purely a software stack that uses existing hardware. So, it doesn’t need modifications or fitting any external hardware. This itself is an excellent achievement while implementing new technology. Additionally, it avoids additional cost burdens on consumers.

It requires a central airbag control unit and peripheral acceleration sensors with longitudinal and lateral sensing directions.

Sensors & Software
Sensors & Software

The above hardware is enough to find out yaw rates and acceleration in the event of a crash. The Off-zone crash detection software solution provides an additional layer of state-of-the-art algorithm that determines various degrees of side impacts. This algorithm is a precise piece of engineering that can differentiate various collisions based on the data received from the hardware mentioned above.

Furthermore, the system analyzes the angle of side impact extensively. Then, the system triggers the deployment of curtain airbags, seatbelt tensioners, etc., in milliseconds. This deployment is customized according to crash situations. This is where the Off-zone crash detection shines. It provides customized deployment instead of relying on standard crash situations.

As a result, you can deploy the safety nets available in your vehicle on time, minimizing occupant injuries. The system is very robust and can save lives in side collisions. It facilitates deployments of safety features in a very optimal way in real-world side collisions.


The system is an entirely software-based solution. Hence, it is straightforward to deploy. So, the system can be deployed globally in very little time. The system doesn’t need any hardware changes or additional hardware. It works perfectly fine with existing occupant protection hardware in almost all cars.

Off-zone crash detection in action
Off-zone crash detection in action

Furthermore, the algorithm in the system detects different collisions precisely. As a result, the system deploys safety measures per real-world collision data and not the simulation or controlled collision. This enhances the accuracy of the system. Hence, the system smartly avoids collision injuries by triggering life-saving safety measures in time.

In conclusion, Bosch Off-zone crash detection enhances safety in the event of side collisions by accurately deploying safety measures as per the nature of the collision. The enhanced accuracy enables fewer injuries and more safer travel.

Watch Off-zone crash detection in action:

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