Mercedes Benz Pre-Safe: The Definitive Guide

Mercedes Benz Pre-Safe

What is Mercedes Benz Pre-Safe?

Mercedes Benz is a German luxury car manufacturer. The company is the most prestigious and one of the oldest car manufacturers in the world. The Mercedes Benz cars are known for their technology, build quality, and safety. The Mercedes Benz Pre-Safe is the modern safety feature of most new Mercedes Models. We will dive into this technology with its benefits and working.

Pre-Safe Safety Technology
Pre-Safe Safety Technology

Furthermore, as the name suggests, it’s one of the active safety technology that involves a range of sensors and onboard computers to process information. Most of the time, accidents happen even if the driver is experienced. You will never know how they will happen. The Mercedes Benz Pre-Safe is precisely built to address this situation.

In addition, the Pre-Safe system is the intelligent system that prepares the vehicle for imminent accident. Potentially saving the lives of the occupants by activating various safety measures before the accident. Of course, the time in hand is just milliseconds, but it works. Thanks to the innovations at the company.

Mercedes Benz Pre-Safe Overview

The safety technologies in the cars are increasing. New intelligent systems are saving lives worldwide. At the same time, Pre-Safe is one step forward to all these developments. Imagine a vehicle that readies itself for an accident that will happen in the next second. Yes, you heard it right. The Mercedes Benz Pre-Safe prepares cars for an accident before it happens.

It sounds unbelievable, but it is real. The various systems and sensors in the car act in coordination and make it happen. It prepares your car to keep occupants safe in the best possible way.

In addition, the series of sensors continuously monitor the surroundings and vehicle movements simultaneously. The system also detects sudden braking or movement irragalities. The onboard radar continuously monitors oncoming traffic and potential vehicle on a collision course. So, it is nothing but a sensing system that senses potential accidents.


First, as we discussed earlier, the Mercedes Benz Pre-Safe system involves a series of sensors that detect irregular movements such as swerving, sudden braking, or skidding. Usually, these movements happen at the beginning of the accident.

Furthermore, the system detects the accident immediately and proactively starts various passenger protection measures. The measures include repositioning seats and headrests to avoid injuries. It also initiates tightening of seatbelts.

In addition, if the system detects potential rollover, it tries to close the windows and sunroof to avoid entering external debris inside the cabin and causing further injuries to the occupants inside the vehicle. The system can also initiate autonomous braking in a frontal collision. The system also takes the help of other systems like Merdedes Benz Distronic Plus and adaptive cruise control.

In case of rear-end collisions, the system increases the strength of the braking force and prevents the vehicle from sliding forward. Hence, activating brakes prevents impact to the car in the front. It is potentially reducing the risk of injuries to other road users or occupants of the vehicle ahead.

The Pre-Safe Impulse Side

The Mercedes Benz Pre-Safe has additional features that keep the occupant safe in side collisions. The onboard radar and sensors detect side collisions and activate the chamber within the front seat side bolster. This chamber inflates very rapidly and moves the occupant to the center of the vehicle, pushing further away from the doors. As a result, the occupant becomes safe. It also avoids injuries to the torso due to side impacts. So, it necessarily reduces the impact force on the human body, avoiding injuries.

The Pre-Safe Sound

The Pre-Safe sound feature is the most innovative feature you come across when it comes to vehicle safety. When the system detects a collision, it immediately starts producing pink noise from the car’s audio system.

Furthermore, This pink noise is a harmless sound that triggers a reflex inside your ear that prepares your ear for the loud bang in the event of a crash. So, it protects your ear from the loud pressure of the sound from the collision that otherwise harms your hearing.

In conclusion, Mercedes Benz Pre-Safe is one of the technology that prepares itself for impending accidents. We are sure that future cars will be more intelligent and dynamic, taking proactive actions before things happen.

Image Courtesy: Mercedes Benz

Watch Mercedes Benz Pre-Safe in action:

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