Sunroof: What are different types of sun-roofs in a car?

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Advantages Of Sunroof In A Car:

Sunroof is a part of the vehicle roof that allows the light and/or air to enter the passenger compartment of the vehicle. It is either fixed or movable. The basic intention behind the use of the sun-roof is to enhance the passenger's ride experience by the use of ambient light and fresh air.

There are two ways you can operate the Sun-roofs i.e. either manually or electrically. Manual sun-roof operates by means of a lever or a crank which aids the sliding motion of glass whereas electrically operated one utilizes the electric motor for the same purpose.

Various types of sun-roofs are employed on hatchbackssedans & SUV's. Some of the major types are:

Pop-up type:

This is the most simple, very basic and relatively inexpensive type of sun-roof. You can operate it manually and tilts when you open it. Usually, these panels are removable. However, you need to store them properly when taken out.

Pop-up sunroof (Courtesy- Webasto)

Spoiler type:

The spoiler is nothing but a pop-up type sunroof with the sliding capacity in addition. The convenience of operation is their biggest advantage of these types of sunroofs. This is mainly because you could restore the panel to its original position easily.

Spoiler Sunroof (Courtesy- Webasto)


This is the recent and most advanced type of sun-roof. Some manufacturers also term it as the ‘monoroof’. It covers the larger area so that both the front and rear seat passengers can enjoy the benefits. The electric operation makes them easy to operate.

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