Hyundai E-Corner: Here is what you should know

Hyundai E-Corner

The E-Corner by Hyundai Mobis: Changing the way we move cars

Hyundai Motor Corporation, a Korean auto major, is set to revolutionize the auto industry. The new Hyundai E-Corner system will change how we drive, turn, park, and reverse our vehicles. The system will change the way we behave with cars.

Traditionally, from the date of the invention of the automobile, there has been no change in how we turn vehicles. We either move right or move left, and sometimes we reverse. Besides these directions, nothing much changed.

Hyundai E-Corner System
Hyundai E-Corner System

Furthermore, the Hyundai E-Corner system is changing the way we turn vehicles. It is a core technology in Hyundai’s vision for future mobility. The system also enables different kinds of movements, like crab driving. It also allows 360-degree movement in one place.

Overview Hyundai E-Corner System

The Hyundai E-Corner system is a new innovative technology that will be the next revolution in the auto industry. The new system is just a dream come true, and it also highlights the future is now. It’s a realization of imagination that works incredibly efficiently in front of our eyes. To watch those movements is incredible on its own.

Furthermore, the system is very agile and perfectly realizes the mobility of the future. The features, like parallel parking in a small alley by turning the wheels 180 degrees, are fabulous and have never been seen before.

In addition, all these movements are only possible due to integrating several components in one wheel. These components include suspension, driving, braking, and steering. The unique integration of all these components in a single wheel leads to an E-Corner system’s development.

Currently, the movement of vehicles is possible due to the power linkage shaft that connects the wheels to the engine. Additionally, you can turn the steering by utilizing a steering link that connects the wheels with the steering.

However, the E-Corner system is precisely the opposite. All the wheels in the design are independent and not connected to any device mechanically. This is possible because of the integration of dampers in the wheel motor, electric steering, and EPB in one wheel. This allows independent movement of all the wheels. The in-wheel motors drive the wheels independently. The electric steering mounted on the side of the wheels changes direction. The damper absorbs shocks while electric brakes reduce the speed of the car.

The Crab Driving

The Hyundai E-Corner system completely removes the mechanical linkage between moving parts and even between the wheels. The movement is very free and agile. All the wheels can move at various angles. Additionally, the electric motor sits right on wheels, and the driving force transmission is free-flowing and instant. The wheels can also move in the opposite direction, so one wheel goes backward while the other moves forward.

Crab Driving
Crab Driving

Hence, you can turn your vehicle in various ways. In this crab driving mode, a vehicle can move horizontally in any direction, just like a crab. Here, the vehicle moves sideways instead of moving forward or backward. This feature is handy in parallel parking. Instead, this feature people have dreamed of for decades, but now it’s a reality.

The Zero Turn

The zero-turn feature in the E-Corner system is brilliant as it can change the vehicle’s direction in minimal space. Particularly in any crowded street, this feature is a boon to shift the direction of travel.

Zero Turn
Zero Turn

In this feature, the vehicle turns all four wheels in a specific direction. Then, the vehicle rotates itself and changes the direction of travel at the same place. So, there is no need to worry about packed streets. Now, you can change your direction of travel effortlessly.

Hyundai E-Corner Pivot Turn

The E_corner system facilitates Pivot turn, another feature possible by the system. In a pivot turn, the vehicle rotates at a preset angle around the preferred point decided by the Driver. Here, the Driver acts as a central axis.

The pivot point allows the vehicle to rotate around predecided points and opens up new possibilities. Specifically, this feature becomes a boon for parking in tight parking spaces.

The Diagonal Driving

The diagonal driving feature of the E-corner system allows the entire vehicle to move at 45 degrees obliquely. This feature is beneficial while overtaking and changing lanes.

Diagonal Driving
Diagonal Driving

The 45-degree movement enables swift and clean vehicle movements during overtaking or changing lanes. As a result, it mitigates the issue of overturning or abrupt turning during lane changes and overtakes.

Advantages of Hyundai E-Corner system

First of all, the system’s main advantage is the cabin’s space. This is because all parts that propel the vehicle and allow directional movement are entirely moved into every wheel. Hence, you get the additional space inside the vehicle. So, we are now in the era of purpose-based mobility. The E-Corner system is the critical Driver in the realization of mobility that is based on purpose.

Secondly, the structural strength of the E-corner system is now been improved. The concept is miniaturized. As a result, we can now use these concept car technologies in production vehicles.

Furthermore, the future of cars is more dynamic with shape-shifting technologies coming in cars. So, the shapes of the vehicles will be dynamic, and vehicles will be able to change the vehicle’s shape according to purpose. The Hyundai E-corner system is ready to be part of this era.

Dynamic & Flexible

The system is flexible and dynamic in vehicles like robo taxis, shuttles, commuting vehicles, and logistics vehicles. In addition, you can manufacture the Hyundai E-Corner system in different sizes according to the specifications. So, this platform is scalable with a fleet of any size. The system is available in various sizes, like ultra-small, small, and large.

In addition, on the manufacturing front, the manufacturers need to change to adopt this platform completely. The assembly process, various development methods, and maintenance methods also require a drastic change. We may also need to create various supportive infrastructures. Even social laws will need to be changed in order to accept and use this system.

Even with so many things to change, we must consider the advantages from a broad perspective. Just take an example of a parking lot. If we enable vehicles with an E-Corner system, we can accommodate many cars in the same parking space. The advantages are immense. Controlling each wheel individually is itself an outstanding achievement from a technology standpoint.

The Hyundai E-Corner can add value to manufacturing automotive. It can lead to entirely new designs and new vehicle service methods. You can also improve the production process, including convenience to customers.

In conclusion, the Hyundai E-Corner system may lead the future of mobility with out-of-the-box designs, more efficient processes, and new ways of manufacturing automobiles.

Watch Hyundai E-Corner in action.

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