May mobility: Autonomous shuttle of the future is here

May mobility

Driverless shuttles and the future of mass transport by May Mobility:

May Mobility is a Michigan based start-up. May is developing a new kind of autonomous shuttle transport vehicles in collaboration with Magna. Magna is one of the largest automotive spare parts manufacturers in the world.

May mobility Autonomous shuttle
May Mobility Autonomous shuttle

The joint venture between Magna and May will create sustainable mass transportation solutions. The autonomy will change the mass transportation as it is more personal and safe. In addition, the autonomous vehicles also bring the peace of mind. So, now you can enjoy more time with your family and friends.

Magna & May Mobility: A win-win situation

The unique collaboration between these two companies will bring an unmatched solution. May will be responsible for designing the self-driving shuttles while Magna will carry out the assembly. Magna assembles all the components from doors and moonroof to the sensor integration. So, Magna will assemble and convert the shuttle into an autonomous-ready stage.

Furthermore, May will provide the software for autonomous driving technology. Thus, designing and software part will be taken care of by May mobility while assembling up to autonomous-ready level by Magna International Inc.

The smart design approach for Autonomous shuttle transport

The May is adapting the end-to-end approach to its transportation solution. The startup strongly believes in the self-driven technology as it is the way forward. Self-driving technology brings more safety. Furthermore, it also brings the convenience and ease of use. So, it’s more personal kind of transport.

May mobility 3D rendering
May 3D rendering

The collaboration between city planners, urban developers and builders will yield a more community-centered solution. May Mobility is partnering with municipalities and local communities. It intends to make the cities greener, vibrant and comfortable place to travel. Thus, such a human-centric approach enhances the solution furthermore to its core.

In addition, the approach of moving faster and smarter will yield more impactful results. The simplistic coexistence of technology and humans will bring unmatched products. We are very sure that the data-driven approach will take May Mobility even further to serve humanity even better than what we already have.

Image courtesy: May Mobility, Video courtesy: Toyota AI Ventures

Watch May Mobility Autonomous shuttle in action

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