Zoox: Redefining future of Robo taxi

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The next-generation autonomous public transport by zoox

Zoox is an autonomous vehicle company having its headquarters in Foster City, California, United States. Amazon Inc. Zoox recently acquired the company is creating an entirely new form of Autonomous vehicle.

zoox front view
zoox front view

Besides, the company believes retrofitting autonomous vehicle modules to existing vehicles is not enough. So, they build an entirely new vehicle from the ground up. The company aims to manufacturer safer personal transport vehicles using clean energy. Zoox is also interested in making rides more enjoyable than before.

Furthermore, Zoox will provide mobility as a service in very densely populated urban areas. The driving, maintenance, charging, and upgrades are all handled by the company. The user needs to pay for the mobility service he utilizes. The company is currently testing its vehicles on public and private roads. Soon, it will start the Zoox ride-hailing service. It also got a license for this service.

The Vehicle

First of all, the name Zoox comes from Zooxanthellae. A creature that relies on renewable energy and has a symbiotic relationship with coral reefs. In the same way, Zoox runs on renewable energy and has a symbiotic relationship with people.

Zoox uses the latest technology in robotics, automotive, and clean energy to design the new vehicle. This new vehicle is symmetrical, bidirectional, and an entirely electric vehicle. So, it will definitely solve some unique problems autonomous vehicles generally face.

Besides, the company is aiming to reinvent personal transportation. It is actually a new experience of moving from one place to another place. So, you enjoy the relaxing smooth ride while Zoox will handle the traffic. In Zoox, every rider will have the same comfort level, while traditionally, it was impossible.

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