Bollinger B1

Bollinger B1: World’s most capable SUV is here

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The four-wheel-drive, off-road capable SUV Bollinger B1

Bollinger Motors is an American electric vehicle manufacturer having its base at Oak Park, Michigan, USA. This company is founded as a startup in New York City. The Bollinger name comes from the company's founder Robert Bollinger. The company's clear aim is to build a pure electric full-size SUV. The company unveiled Bollinger B1 in 2017. The sale of the B1 will start in early 2021.

Bollinger B1 Front View
Bollinger B1 Front View

Furthermore, Bolinger B1 is nothing but a classic pick-up truck with the modern, most refined essentials of today's time. The truck is purely electric and made from the highest quality materials available. So, this forms the basis of the Bollinger B1 electric sports utility vehicle.

Besides, every design move, including seams, surfaces, and touchpoints, is crafted very thoughtfully. The company is doing a lot of research for building pure all-terrain electric SUV. Bollinger B1 is an all-electric SUV never seen before.

The Bollinger B1 Design

The design of the Bollinger B1 is raw, rugged, and macho at the same time. The typical design carries some genes from the vehicles of the world war era. However, the technology behind the scenes is very modern. The raised shoulder clearly highlights its appearance and creates more space for occupants. At the same time, you can load more of your stuff in frunk.

B1 Side View
B1 Side View

Besides, it further increases head clearance for all the occupants. The overall design change positively affects vehicle exteriors. As put, the majority of the visual vehicular weight is below the baseline. As a result, you will get a more stable and sturdy appearance on the road.


Also, efficient thermal management and a slim cooling unit behind the bumper create more room for exterior design adjustments. Even the position of the cooling unit would bring better airflow to the unit. So, double radiator top mounting is not required.

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