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What is An Automotive Battery & How It Works?

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Automotive Battery: What is a battery?

The vehicle electrical system comprises many different modules. However, the automotive battery is the heart of the vehicle electrical system. It supplies the initial current to the starting and ignition systems. When the generator/alternator is not charging (engine stopped), the battery supplies the current to the other electrical devices for all the time. Besides, it acts as a secondary source of electric current when the vehicle is not operating or the generator/alternator speed is not sufficient to meet the requirements.

Six Volt Automotive Battery
Six Volt Automotive Battery

The capacity of Battery:

Over a period of time, the battery got updates and upgrades. Thus, it changed its appearance and capacity. However, the basic function of the battery mainly remained unchanged. The battery now needs to be of a substantially higher capacity. This is because of the number of components operating on electric power also increased.

Actually, the capacity of a conventional battery depends upon the amount of chemical it contains. Thus, it also limits the amount of current it can supply. Lead-acid, Nickel-alkaline, and Zinc-air are the most popular battery types in vehicles.

The function of an Automotive Battery:

The main function of an automotive battery is to store and distribute the electric current to various systems in the vehicle. A modern vehicle needs an automotive battery to operate many electrical components/gadgets such as electrical gauges, digital gadgets, power windows, central locking mechanism, and air-conditioning, etc. Nowadays, from mobiles, portable refrigerators to electric tire inflators, almost every component operates on electric current.

Furthermore, the automotive battery not only acts as a storage unit but also as a buffer to the electric components in vehicles. Thus, besides the fuse, it also helps to protect the components from a sudden surge of current in case of a fault in the generating system.

Twelve Volt Automotive Battery
Twelve Volt Automotive Battery

Nowadays, many components operate electrically/electronically; shedding their pure mechanical function which the earlier generation cars used. Today, there are all-electric cars which run only on electric current. The electric cars need to have a better range to travel uninterruptedly.  So, the engineers developed an advanced version of the battery with higher capacity. This battery is known as the Lithium-ion (Li-Ion) battery. It can store more current which changed the way cars work today.

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