Volkswagen ID concept car

Volkswagen ID concept car: Fast forward into the future…!

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VW electric car ID concept:

Volkswagen, the German automotive manufacturer, is producing cars since 1937. VW is one of the sixth largest automobile companies in the world by revenue. The company is showcasing its new range of electric concept cars starting from Volkswagen ID concept. The Volkswagen ID concept car is based on an all-new electric car platform.

Volkswagen ID concept car side view
Volkswagen ID concept car side view

This car may able to learn your preferences, driving style and may help you to reach the destination. This car is fully electric with zero tailpipe emissions. The Volkswagen introduced the ID concept in 2016 Paris motor show. The company is targeting to start its production in 2020.

The car has no internal combustion engine. The hassles of maintaining a hybrid vehicle can be entirely avoidable. This electric car has a range of over 370 miles on a single charge. The automated driving may be incorporated in the future.

 Volkswagen ID concept car: Features

The car has unique futures that will change the entire concept of driving. The most noteworthy feature of this car is a retractable steering wheel. This steering wheel can retract into the instrument panel. So, it creates a sense of space in front of the driver.

This sense of space is evident throughout the car. The batteries are located on the floor while the electric motor is placed on the rear axle. Thus, it creates more room in the cabin. The electric cars itself have more space than the traditional IC engine driven cars. Volkswagen took the advantage of this functionality; ultimately creating more space.

The connectedness and intuitive functionality help in engagement with passengers. The car will interact with the driver. It will automatically apply settings according to individual preferences. This positive interaction creates welcoming environment and better driving experience.

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