Safe Driving Tips For Motorists: Drive safe, Drive Better!!

safe driving tips

Safe Driving Tips: A guide to ensure that you are safe on road!

Safe Driving Tips:

Know how to drive safely! There are an increasing number of road accidents and their lives. Therefore, it is now time for us to improve our road sense and learn to drive responsibly. Not just for the sake of our lives but the lives of other road users also!! Thus, CarBikeTech is happy to share these safe driving tips with our readers. So join hands for safe driving!

1. Safe Driving Tips: Familiarize yourself with the vehicle

You should be well acquainted with the vehicle you are driving. Researchers have observed that most of the time, accidents occur because the driver fails to locate essential controls of the vehicle. They include the gear lever or brake pedal. Thus, one must know all the controls and functions of the vehicle they are driving. It certainly helps to gain better control over the vehicle during exigencies. Thereby, it reduces the chances or intensities of a mishap.

2. Follow the traffic rules

Traffic rules are put in place to ensure the safety of all road users, including you. So, it is mandatory to obey them even if no one questions them. If you are driving abroad, learn all the country’s traffic rules and obey them all the time. Furthermore, it is always advisable to keep vehicle speed within the limit and maintain a safe distance from the next vehicle on the road.

3. Safe driving tips: Take breaks on long journeys

Driving continuously for long hours can be tiring, which leads to loss of concentration. The results of which could be fatal. Although modern vehicles have systems like driver drowsiness detection, why take a chance with your life? Hence, take short breaks regularly after specific time intervals.

4. Don’t drink and drive

It is perhaps the fatal mistake one can make while traveling. Consuming alcohol alters the way a person reacts and increases response time in most cases. Thus, never consume alcoholic drinks before or during driving!

5. Safe driving tips: Make sure you have had a good sleep

A sound sleep at night keeps the brain alert and improves its function. Thus, it certainly is a prerequisite for a safe drive.

6. Avoid using mobile phones

Using a mobile phone while driving distracts the person, thereby causing accidents. So, avoid using a mobile phone while driving a car. If the call is very urgent or something you cannot avoid, try using hands-free devices or connect your phone to a car infotainment system that allows you to talk while driving.

7. Safe driving tips: Safe driving tips: Use seat-belts

A seat belt is one of the most essential safety devices in the car. Make sure to wear it properly before you drive!

8. Be careful while driving in rainy conditions

Heavy rainfall, snowfall, or the presence of fog severely hampers the road’s visibility and thus endangers car safety. Be very careful while driving in such situations. Slow down the car and put the headlights on.

9. Safe driving tips: Don’t overload the vehicle

Overloading the vehicle severely affects its performance. For example, an overloaded vehicle may lose balance on cornering or may not stop upon applying brakes. But, again, it is because manufacturers only engineer these systems for specific capacities. Thus, ensure that you are not putting too much load (more than specified by the manufacturer) in your vehicle.

10. Maintain the car properly

Vehicle maintenance is necessary, not only for performance improvement but also for your safety. Imagine cruising a highway at 80 km/h, and suddenly some obstacle appears in front of your car. You apply the brakes hard, but they are ineffective. It is a dangerous situation. Vehicle maintenance is essential to avoid such situations.

We hope that these safe driving tips will help you drive safely, whether you are a novice or a seasoned driver!

Have a happy and safe drive!!

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