Bosch connected mobility

Bosch connected mobility: The boon for smart travel

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Bosch mobility solutions:

Bosch, the German engineering company, is gearing up for tomorrow.  The company showcased breakthrough technologies at CES 2018 along with Bosch connected mobility. The company is producing engineering products since 1886. Bosch is clearly focussing on connected future cities. It is developing the technology focusing on the same.

Bosch connected mobility solutions
Bosch connected mobility solutions

First of all, in CES 2018, Bosch showcased most innovative mobility solutions. The innovative mobility solutions are divided into three categories. They are - automated mobility, connected mobility and electrified mobility. The electrified mobility also includes powertrain systems.

What is Bosch connected mobility?

Bosch mobility solutions are cloud-based technologies that help the driver to take appropriate decisions on time. Connected mobility systems intelligently connect outside and inside of the vehicle, giving seamless and smart connection.

The connected mobility also features some technologies that help the passengers and drivers alike. The comfortable, economical and safe journeys are only possible due to Bosch connected mobility.

Features of Bosch Connected Mobility:

Updates over the air: In upcoming years, it will be very common for cars getting updates over the air (OTA). So, the updates ensure smooth functioning of the car. It keeps the car updated with new functionalities. The wireless internet connectivity is a very handy tool to avoid physical visits to repair shop. Bosch has IoT based redundant and secure cloud. Thus, it ensures timely and secure updates, keeping the car optimized all the time.

Bosch connected mobility OTA Update
Bosch connected mobility OTA Update

Wrong way driver alert system: The cloud-based driver alert system continuously monitors location data in the cloud. Current systems are time-consuming. They are mostly unable to alert the driver in time, while the Bosch systems are based on the cloud. They send an alert within seconds. In addition, it can instantaneously alert the road users in the same vicinity. This position-based system ensures quick reaction time along with user attention.

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