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World Ride: The World Is Not Enough!

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World Ride Ends and One World One Ride Finally Reaches India After Conquering 30+ Countries And 5 Continents:

Riding a motorcycle and encircling the earth on a motorcycle in about just 9 months? It is the dream of every bike rider to do a world ride, but only a few lucky ones are able to accomplish it. No, it’s not a fantasy, but two guys from India really did it. This is a real-life story of one Debasshish Ghosh aka Debu and Dharmesh Jain aka DJ Bhai from India. The One World One Ride team achieved this unique feat recently.

World Ride: 'The Journey' begins

Recently, Debasshish Ghosh and Dharmesh Jain completed the world ride and returned to India in just 9 months. The two guys Debasshish Ghosh and his close friend Dharmesh Jain aka DJ had started their world ride last year on Jun 11, 2017. They returned to India on Mar 14, 2018, finishing the world ride in just about 9 months.

Both the riders are close friends and both of them chose the BMW 1200 GS for the world ride. Debasshish Ghosh from Mumbai and Dharmendra Jain from Indore are in their late 40s. This itself proves that the age is just a number on the paper without any value. Debasshish's first international ride was to Nepal & Bhutan. Incidentally, Debasshish Ghosh also became the first Indian YouTuber & Motovlogger to meet the sitting Prime Minister, Mr. Narendra Modi, when he met the PM before the world ride began.

World Ride: Strengths

Moreover, Debasshish has the passion for bikes and riding with his friends. He has successfully completed some of the hardest rides such as the ‘Ladakh Ride’ which goes to the world’s highest motorable road. Debasshish also rode from Mumbai (India) to Singapore with DJ Bhai. He uploads travel-vlogs on the Youtube channel called ‘One World One Ride’. Debasshish’s friend Dharmesh Jain is from Indore who started riding the bike since 2013. He also did the Ladakh and Singapore rides.

With such a vast experience of long-distance riding under their belt, Debasshish & DJ completed the world ride on 14th March 2018. They achieved this feat after riding over 50,000 miles; crossing 32 countries and 5 continents in just 9 months. Debasshish also has a penchant for bikes. Bikes such as the Harley Davidson Fat Boy and BMW 1200 GS are some of the bikes in his garage. He rode to Singapore on Fat Boy in 2013 along with DJ.

One World One Ride at The Great Wall of China
One World One Ride at The Great Wall of China (Courtesy: YouTube)

World Ride: Preparation

Furthermore, the preparation for world ride started days before the actual ride began. So, Debu Bhai bought three BMW panniers for storage. In one pannier, He carried along stuff such as toolkit, sleeping bag, engine oil and brake pads. Another pannier carried his camera, a Mavic-pro drone, a Session camera, a Go-Pro Hero 5 vlogging camera, and a Canon G5-X photo camera etc. In the top pannier, he put the lighter stuff such as the clothes, rain gear, water bottle, and food items.

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