What Is The Active Parking Assist System In A Car?

active parking assist

Active Parking Assist In Cars:

Active Parking Assist is a highly sophisticated driver assistance system which helps the driver in parking a vehicle. The aid systems like the rear view mirror merely display the situation at the rear of the vehicle. However, the active parking assist goes way beyond ordinary parking.

The number of vehicles on the road are increasing continuously. Parking the vehicle in the limited space is getting tougher and tougher. So, for most of the drivers parking the vehicle is a daunting and time-consuming task. In addition, it adds to the mental stress. Active Parking Assist helps to reduce the stress arising in such critical movements.

Working of active parking assist:

This system works with the help of ultrasonic sensors and performs the two main activities which are as below:

  1. Identifying the parking space
  2. Parking the vehicle at the identified location

The system comes into action when the vehicle is driving forward at the speed below 30km/h. The system interprets this situation like the one in which the driver is looking for parking space. Thus, the system starts scanning the surrounding area for suitable parking location. It does so with the help of ultrasonic sensors fitted at the front and rear bumpers. Once it identifies a suitable location, it gives an indication to the driver in the instrument cluster. If the driver stops and puts the vehicle in reverse gear, then the system takes over the vehicle.

After that, the system itself gives all the steering and braking inputs; thereby parking the vehicle at the identified location. It also calculates the ideal path into the parking space with the help of the electronic control unit. The driver merely has to observe and can intervene at any time if needed. The Active Parking Assist is so accurate that is can park the vehicle safely in space that is merely 1.2 meters more than the length of the vehicle.

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See Active Parking Assist in action:

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