Mitsubishi e-Evolution concept

Mitsubishi e-Evolution concept: The next Evolution in SUVs

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Mitsubishi e-evolution:

Mitsubishi Motor Corporation is a Japanese Automaker known for its quality and craftsmanship. The company is manufacturing cars since 1917. The Mitsubishi e-Evolution concept car showcases company’s future directions and strategy.

Mitsubishi e-Evolution concept doors
Mitsubishi e-Evolution concept doors

The e-Evolution concept is a combination of the SUV and EV. It also features the new ecosystem of connected cars and customer experience. The SUV itself reflects the direction of company’s future strategy in the coming era of electric cars. In addition, the company is strongly focussing on its tagline ‘Drive your ambition’.

The Mitsubishi e-Evolution concept highlights company’s goals of long-term sustainable growth strategy. The rise in emission problems leads to more clean and efficient vehicles for emission-free cities. Year by year, regulators are enforcing stricter norms on emission. So, the electric cars have no alternative. The company is building the future strategy on all-electric vehicles that meet emission standard and are more efficient.

The Mitsubishi e-Evolution concept design:

The Mitsubishi strongly focused on the robustness while designing the e-Evolution concept. The company has created distinctive features. The modern functional design gives the SUV more strength and authenticity. The robustness of the vehicle highlights in every angle.

The e-Evolution concept is agile and holds tight on the road surface which makes it the most agile high-performance tourer. Its off-road capabilities along with the 4-WD deliver a top-notch performance. The design expresses e-Evolutions ability to hold on the ground without losing traction.

Exteriors of Mitsubishi e-Evolution:

The muscular styling of the corners gives bold and aggressive looks. The side view emphasizes on the SUV personality. The horizontal character lines with high ground clearance give the car the ability to drive on the off-road terrains.

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