What is an LED Headlamp? What are its advantages?

LED headlamp

Benefits of using LED Headlamps:

LED Headlamp technology is the most modern technology used for the headlamps of the car. LED stands for Light Emitting Diode. It has several technological advantages over its rivals i.e. halogen lamps and xenon headlamps. So, these headlamps are becoming very popular in the passenger vehicle segment.

The biggest advantage of the use of LED is that they produce light of color temperature 5500 kelvin which is very close to the daylight. This color temperature is even closer than that of the light produced by Bi-Xenon headlamps. Thus they put minimum strain on the driver’s eyes. When we compare with other headlamps, the visibility of LED headlamps is high in dusty and foggy environments. Thus, LED headlamp in unison with the Adaptive headlamp technology, is a great safety enhancing package.

The diagram below shows the comparison of the LED headlamp beam with the halogen lamp:

LED Bulb vs Ordinary Lamp(Courtesy: GE)

Advantages of LED headlamp:

  1. They require less power to operate.
  2. Led require very little maintenance.
  3. These headlamps enhance the road safety because of clear illumination.
  4. It has very high service life compared to other types of headlamps.
  5. It also enhances the styling of the vehicle.
  6. LED’s put less strain on the eyes of the driver.

See LED headlamp in action:

For more information on LED Headlamps, please follow this link.

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