Top 5 Monsoon Tips for Motorists

Top-5 Monsoon Tips for Motorists to travel safely

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Have you checked your monsoon preparedness yet?

Following are the Top-5 monsoon tips will surely make your drive safer...!!!

It’s been raining in most parts of India by now. Although, the monsoon brings good omen to people; it could also cause trouble if adequate precautions are not taken while driving/riding during the rainy season. We have compiled a list of Top-5 monsoon tips with do’s & don’ts to make this rainy season safer for motorists.

It doesn’t matter how skilled you are or how long have been riding your bike or driving your car when it comes to the rainy season. Although the traffic rules remain the same, the application of the technique drastically changes while riding/driving in the rain than under dry, sunny conditions. This is mainly due to poor visibility on roads, foggy and windy conditions; which could affect the rider’s ability to control.

Top-5 monsoon tips:

Keep your speed under check. This is important. In Indian cities, 40 km/h is the maximum safe speed to ride a bike in rainy conditions. The speed makes a lot of difference when skidding of the bike occurs. Skidding at the speed of above 40 km/h could cause more damage to your body & bike than what it could do at below 40 km/h. Slippery & wet conditions also make the cornering very tricky. So, take extra care, especially when riding in the rains.

Top-5 Monsoon Tips: 1. Driving in the rain:

Avoid entering the road logged with above knee-high water as the water could enter the engine thru’ its inlet. If you happen to wade thru’ water then do not switch off the engine as it may lead the water to enter into and damage the engine. Keep the engine revved at a higher rpm so that the there is enough pressure in the exhaust gases to keep the water from entering thru' exhaust. If the water enters the engine by any reason, then don’t attempt to start it again, as it will cause a hydro-static lock; which will further damage the engine badly.

Image courtesy: Rediff and Wikimedia

A hydro-static lock means any liquid such as the water enters the engine above its piston. As the piston cannot compress the water & water has no way to go out, it acts as a solid matter. The pressure created by compression stroke causes the connecting rod, one of the weakest parts of the engine, to bend. This applies to both cars & bikes alike.

Top-5 Monsoon Tips: 2. Tires:

One of the most important parts to look after, especially during rainy season, is a tire. Make sure that your tires have enough ‘tread-depth’ and within the legal limit. Every tire comes with a ‘Tyre-wear-indicator’ embedded into it. Change the tires before the monsoon to avoid skidding of the bike due to diminishing road-grip caused by worn out tires. Before a long ride, check tires for cracks, bubbled walls and embedded objects such as small stones & nails etc.; as they may cause the tire to burst suddenly. Keep the tires inflated to its manufacturer recommended values. Do not over-inflate the tires as it will cause the tire's effective grip-area to decrease.

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