What is Electronic Damping System (EDS)?

WP Electronic Damping System (Image Courtesy: WP)

How does Electronic Damping System work?

EDS stands for Electronic Damping System. It is an advanced shock absorber with an electronic sensor which adjusts its travel. Firstly, WP is one of the leading companies which manufactures the most advanced type of mono-shock absorbers. They comprise of electronic adjustment of the Damping System.

WP Electronic Damping Suspension on a KTM bike (Image Courtesy: KTM, WP)
WP Electronic Damping Suspension on a KTM bike (Image Courtesy: KTM, WP)

Hence, any motorcycle with shock absorber attached to the swing arm can use WP-EDS technology. Furthermore, the WP Electronic Damping System provides a wide range of adjustment which is up to 20% of the damping resistance,  claims WP.

The electronic adjustment for damping comes in three levels. They are normal, comfort or sports modes. It also has 3 load conditions. These are for the single person, for 2 persons or for 1 person with luggage. So, this gives the rider an option to choose three types of ride qualities of the bike.

These include a comfort level for long distance travel or a normal level for daily commuting or a sporty level for racing usage. Moreover, the EDS Mono-shock is used on the high-end sports bikes like some models of KTM, BMW, Triumph, and Husqvarna etc.

Watch WP Suspension Electronic Damping System in Action Here:

For more information on WP Damping Systems, please click here.

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