What Is The Active Ride Control system In Cars?

Active Ride Control

What is Nissan Active Ride Control?

When traveling in a vehicle, the passengers experience the tendency of the vehicle to pitch and roll. It is the result of acceleration and braking. These motions could be really annoying if they occur frequently. Thus, it may result in an uncomfortable ride experience for some people. So, Nissan employed Active Ride Control in its vehicles which is a convenience-enhancing feature. This feature aims to improve the ride quality of the vehicle thereby improving the comfort level of the passengers.

What is Ride?

First of all, before going into the technical details of this system, let us discuss the term ‘ride’. The ride is nothing but the passenger’s perception of the comfort level of the vehicle in motion. Engineers observed that the human body is most sensitive to the pitching motion.

Pitching motion means the motion which causes a person to lean forward. So, if the passengers experience more pitching, they perceive the ride as bad. On the other hand, the passengers categorize the ride as good one if the tendency of the vehicle to pitch is very small.

Working of Active Ride Control (Courtesy: Nissan Motor Corporation)

Considering the physics of vehicular motion, when the accelerator is pressed, the front of the vehicle is lifted upwards while it leans down on the application of the brake. This general phenomenon also plays a vital role in determining the pitching tendency of the vehicle. Active Ride Control works on the same principle.

How Active Ride Control system works?

By tweaking the engine torque slightly, the system counteracts the pitching of the vehicle thereby enhancing the comfort of passengers. The suspension quickly responds to road bumps due to vertical motion of the wheel. When a high degree of damping is essential, Active Ride Control employs brakes to the desired wheels at the desired time. These small corrections cumulatively enhance the ride to a great extent.

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See Active Ride Control in action here:

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