Bosch perfectly keyless

Bosch perfectly keyless: The real keyless entry system

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Bosch, the German automotive parts manufacturer, has recently come up with true keyless entry system. It is the Bosch perfectly keyless. With this system, Bosch has entirely transformed the way we lock and unlock a vehicle.

Bosch perfectly keyless Mobile Aplication

In this system, a smartphone replaces the analog key while processing locking and unlocking action digitally.

How Bosch perfectly keyless works?

In this system, locking and unlocking of the vehicle is done with wireless communication between your smartphone and car. When the driver stops the car, the system automatically starts searching the key. When smartphone is taken out of the locking zone around the car, the system automatically locks the car and sends a confirmation message to the smartphone.

Bosch perfectly keyless vehicle locking

In addition, it is also possible to exchange car key with other drivers using smartphone application. So, there is no need of physical handover of the key. Other driver gets the key on smartphone wherever he/she may be. A secured cloud network handles the entire key exchange mechanism.

Similar to the locking system, the process of unlocking is also precise and perfect. Smartphone links to vehicle system when it comes to the communication range of the vehicle. Further, when smartphone enters the unlocking zone, the system automatically unlocks the vehicle.

Additional features in the perfectly keyless environment:

This system provides some useful features. Activation of customized settings is one of them. These settings include rearview mirror position settings, seat height, and climate control.

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