Volvo Vera: meet the autonomous truck from the future

Volvo Vera

Volvo Vera: The self-driving concept truck

Volvo is a Swedish automotive manufacturer and Volvo Trucks is a leading manufacturer in the trucking industry. The company was the second largest producer of heavy-duty Trucks in 2016. Volvo is very keen on developing and adopting the new technology in their products. The increase in e-commerce on the global scale needs automation. Hence, the group came up with Volvo Vera self-driving concept truck.

Volvo Vera Autonomous Vehicle
Volvo Vera Autonomous Vehicle

Volvo Vera is an autonomous, fully electric truck controlled by the command center. It is actually a combination of automation, electromobility, and connectivity. Thus, these technologies ultimately increase the efficiency in a more safer and cleaner way.

The vera is designed for repetitive tasks such as moving goods in the warehouse. You can use Vera at large manufacturing hubs and ports. Vera moves a large volume of goods in a more precise and timely manner without stopping.

Advantages of Volvo Vera self-driving truck

The vera is a fully autonomous truck and so, it can work round the clock. The continuous movement of goods is also possible as it creates less noise. Large logistics parks within the city limits can carry out operations at night without any noise and exhaust gas emissions.

In addition, it doesn’t need a separate infrastructure. So, it can haul the same containers and trailers that we use today. The global logistics operations take more time to change. However, Volvo Vera is adaptable to the current infrastructure.

Volvo Vera is a fully customizable solution. You can customize Vera for the different type of applications. Volvo trucks will partner with its customers and give unique solution for every scenario. Thus, it is not a single solution for different applications.

Volvo Vera sideview
Volvo Vera side view

How does Volvo Vera Solution work?

The Vera truck is completely autonomous. It can locate its current position with the accuracy of centimeters. Besides, it can scan the surrounding and keep track on other road users. It also responds instantaneously and drives at slow speeds. The slower speed enhances safety and accuracy.

The Vera vehicles are fully electric. The battery technology and driveline are the same as Volvo electric trucks. These vehicles are noiseless. So, they can work day and night in densely populated areas in cities. Every vehicle is attached to a control center. The control center continuously monitors the transport. It also keeps track of the battery status, load, contents, and service requirement. The control center also tracks the vehicles in real time; giving more accuracy and control in logistics.

The transport control center plays a key part in the efficiency of operation. It increases the speed as per the requirement. It can also avoid the unnecessary waiting period and also tries to improve the precision while delivering. So, you can avoid the waste in buffer stock or perishable goods. It also helps to increase the availability of the vehicles during the peak demand. The vehicle traveling on the same route can cooperate and share the load to optimize the efficiency.

In conclusion, Volvo Vera will be the one-stop-solution that is customizable as per your requirement. It also creates an autonomous efficient supply chain; improving accuracy and delivery times.

Watch Volvo Vera in action:

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