Einride intelligent goods movement

Einride: The intelligent movement of goods

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Einride transforming the transportation industry

Einride is a Swedish autonomous transportation company. It specializes in the fully autonomous movement of goods. In 2017, it unveiled the first vehicle T-pod and in the subsequent year, it introduced the T-log. Both these vehicles are autonomous and can be remotely controlled. In 2018, DB Schenker put the Einride T-pod into commercial operations. So, the intelligent goods movement is really happening now.

T-log sideview
T-log side view

Einride wants to transform the transportation industry with the use of Big data and cutting-edge technology. The use of artificial intelligence increases the efficiency and more intelligent movement of goods is possible. All the vehicles by Einride are emission-free, cost-effective and sustainable.

Furthermore, in the transportation industry, the overhead cost is getting higher. As these pods will not have drivers, the cost will reduce drastically. In addition, the fleet of the pods will work day and night; increasing the efficiency of the fleet.

Einride intelligent goods movement

Einride is a data-driven company. It is keen on working with forward-looking transporters who want to add sustainability. Einride solution is basically a fleet of fully autonomous all-electric vehicles. These vehicles have an intelligent routing software.

The software integrates all the customer data, delivery time, energy consumption, traffic data, and battery life. The integration provides the most efficient transportation of goods from the source to destination. Hence, the transportation companies are very keen on the success of Einride intelligent goods movement as it will reduce the transportation cost drastically and add efficiency in terms of timely deliveries.

The T-pod

The T pod is a transportation truck designed by Einride. The T-pod has no cabin as there is no driver. The truck is specifically designed for electric propulsion and is fully autonomous.  This truck has no driver but the emergency situation can be controlled by a remote operator. The T-pod uses the NVIDIA Drive platform.

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