Uber ATG self-driving truck

Uber ATG self-driving truck: The future of commercial transport

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Uber self-driving truck

The autonomous cars are increasing in the automotive world while trucking is also moving in the same direction. Uber, a ridesharing, and transportation network company, is shaping the future of trucking with Uber ATG self-driving truck.

Uber ATG self driving truck front side
Uber ATG self-driving truck front side

The Uber is known for ride-sharing services through the app. The company is also interested to change its entire Taxi fleet into the autonomous car fleet. The autonomous nature of cars helps to provide quality service without compromising safety and time. Uber self-driving taxis are available in Pittsburgh.

In addition, to the same notion, the company is also targeting on commercial transportation. The company is aiming to mix-up the real drivers with autonomous trucks. The trucking industry is very resistant to autonomous trucks as it will kill the job of thousands of drivers. So, the company is aiming at mix fleet system.

Uber ATG and Aging drivers

Driving trucks is not an easy task. Truck driving requires lots of patience and time. Another most important part of truck driving is that you are away from home. Current analysis of drivers in trucking industry shows that average age of truck drivers is 49. As a result, over a next twenty years, all of them will retire.

In addition, the younger population is moving away from truck driving due to nature of the job. So, the trucking industry needs to evolve and attract the younger generation. The only way to attract young people in this industry is through autonomous trucks. Uber ATG is exactly doing the same. It is creating a mix of truck drivers and autonomous fleet so that drivers won’t lose the jobs.

The mixed fleet and Transport Hubs

Uber ATG is solving the problem of unemployment by designing a new platform. Here, the autonomous trucks will carry long distance hauls and human drivers will carry the local hauls. As a result, human drivers will be closer to the home and long, tedious, time-consuming journeys will be easily avoidable.

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