Greyp G12 Bike

Greyp G12 Bike: Guess what is it… a bicycle or a motorcycle?

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Rimac Greyp G12 Bike

The Greyp G12 bike is first electric bicycle manufactured by Rimac Automobili. Rimac is a Croatian Electric supercar manufacturer which Mate Rimac founded. The Greyp G12 is an electric bicycle. However, Greyp bike is a mix of both Motorcycle and a bicycle. The team dedicated long hours to build the e-bicycle to get the best user experience possible.

Greyp G12 Bike side view
Greyp G12 Bike side view

For the first time, a bicycle has a vehicle control unit (ECU). The lithium-ion batteries give 12kW power to the in-wheel motor with regenerative braking functionality. So, such a dynamic nature of the bike gives lasting user experience with maximum performance.

 The Greyp G12 bike features

First of all, it’s the first bicycle which offers a fingerprint unlock system. The biometric sensor unlocks the bicycle with a finger scan. In addition, the simple touch of your middle finger will activate the Power mode while a touch of your thumb will activate the street mode.

The e-bike has three riding modes namely Street Eco and Power. In general, electric vehicles having two wheels are considered as Motorcycles. So in order to comply with regulations, The Greyp G12 bike has a special mode to limit the power and speed. Furthermore, the top speed is just a tap away on touchscreen whenever you need it.

In addition, the screen in front of the rider displays a large amount of data including Temperatures, speed, power consumption, and range. So, the bike simply keeps you up-to-date with all the information. Thus, you can plan your rides accordingly without any hassle.

The Greyp G12 bike performance

The Greyp G12 can achieve the top speed of 70kmph without any assistance from the rider. So, while riding an uphill; forget about sweating. With a single charge, Greyp G12 can cover the distance of 120kms. The algorithms running in the background predicts the distance you can cover. It tells to slow down and helps in conserving the energy; ultimately taking you to your destination.

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