Volta ZAP: An ingenious transport for next-gen India!


Country’s first crossover electric cycle is here!

Made in India…Made for India!!

Today, we talk a lot about hybrid vehicles, electric vehicles, next generation mobility solutions etc. etc….. in India! But, a very few have really caught the nerve of India’s transportation system thereby understanding its actual needs. Fortunately, Volta Motors is one of them! The company has recently unveiled Volta ZAP, an innovative and first of its kind electric cycle in the country. Let us have a look at this amazing product.

The concept of Volta ZAP:

ZAP is a fusion of a traditional bicycle design and an electric bike. It derives the pedal powered nature from a bicycle while battery-assist comes from an electric bike. Hence, it is often termed as a crossover bike and ZAP is a pioneer in this segment. In simple terms, Volta ZAP is an electric bicycle. It can either be driven using a pedal or battery power. ZAP is powered with the advanced Lithium-ion batteries weighing only 3 kg. But lightweight does not mean low capacity…! It can propel ZAP for 60 km on a single charge without pedalling! Furthermore, regenerative braking helps to extend the range of this bike even more.  As a result of employing such an advanced technology, Volta ZAP operates at an unbelievably low cost of 7 paise/km. Simply amazing, isn’t it?

Smart ZAP:

smart volta zap
Smart features on Volta ZAP (Courtesy: Volta Motors)

The innovation in ZAP is not only limited to the mechanical or electrical wonders. But, it has all the necessary ‘smart’ features that young generation desires. First and foremost, it can integrate with a smart phone. Volta has also developed an App to facilitate this. In addition, the Li-ion battery of this bike functions as a power-bank. One can use this to charge batteries of a smart-phone or tablet or even a laptop on the go. Really smart!

So, ready to go zip ZAP zoom?

More information about Volta ZAP is available here:

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