How Do Parking Sensors Work In A Car? Know More.

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Car Parking Sensor Working

Parking sensors are the proximity sensors which assist the driver in detecting nearby objects while parking a car. Manufacturers typically install them on the bumpers of a car. Thus, this system is a type of driver assistance system. With the increasing overall dimensions of vehicles and shrinking parking spaces, these sensors are gaining rapid popularity. Depending upon the location of sensors, there are two major types of sensors:

  1. Front sensors located on the front bumper.
  2. Rear sensors located on the rear bumper.

Working of parking sensors:

rear parking sensors working
Working of rear parking sensor

These sensors work either on ultrasonic or electromagnetic principle, with former being more popular. When the driver engages reverse gear, rear parking sensors get activated automatically and send ultrasonic waves. When these waves hit the nearby object, they get reflected and are captured again by the sensors. Based on the time elapsed between sending and recapturing of waves, ECU calculates the distance of the object from the vehicle.

Once the vehicle approaches an object, the system alerts the driver by an audible tone or visual signal on the dashboard. As the vehicle advances further towards the object, the intensity of alarm tone amplifies thereby signaling the driver to stop the vehicle. In addition to these sensors, some vehicle manufacturers also provide cameras so as to get a more accurate view of the area behind the vehicle.

 Advantages of parking sensors:

  1. Reduction in blind spots around the vehicle eases the arduous task of parking in narrow spaces.
  2. This system reduces driver fatigue while parking a vehicle.
  3. Improved perception of the area behind the vehicle reduces chances of damage to the vehicle or other nearby objects.

Limitations of parking sensors:

  1. Flat objects or vertical objects of a very thin section are difficult to detect.
  2. Sensor fails to detect properly if mud or snow cling to its surface.

See how rear sensor works:

This is how the front sensor works:

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