How Bosch water injection system works?

Bosch Water Injection system

Bosch Water Injection System:

Bosch is Germany’s Tech giant company. It recently introduced Bosch Water Injection system for gasoline direct injection engines. This cutting-edge technology could help in making today’s automotive engines run faster, smoother and also in an environment friendly way. Bosch is a renowned and highly respected organization in the automotive world. It designs and manufactures crucial components such as engine management systeminjectors, spark plugs and many more.

Bosch water injector (Courtesy:Bosch)

What is Bosch Water Injection system?

Water boost or water injection system uses water to cool down the intake air in the gasoline direct injection system. The cool air brings down the internal temperature of the engine and helps to burn the fuel efficiently. Also, the cooling effect of water reduces engine knocking and permits use of advanced ignition timing. As a result, engine efficiency increases significantly reducing fuel consumption.

Bosch claims that this technology can reduce fuel consumption up to 13%. Also, it enhances the engine’s power output by almost 5%. Even the engines with higher compression ratio can employ water injection thereby reducing carbon dioxide emission by 4%. Thus, this technology is more Eco-friendly than the conventional one.

Bosch water injection system (Courtesy: Bosch)

How Bosch Water Injection system works?

The water injection system consists of a precisely designed water injector. It injects a fine spray of water into the engine combustion chamber through its intake port. This fine spray of water cools the intake air and reduces the engine temperature. The water injectors are attached to the water rail which provides water to the injectors. Besides these two main components, the system also includes a water pump, electronic pump control unit, engine control unit and water tank.

Bosch Water Injection system
Bosch water injection components (Courtesy: Bosch)

This water tank needs refilling after every 3000 kms approximately.  However, exact refilling duration depends upon actual usage of vehicle. In essence, Bosch water injection system is an ancillary system which reduces pollution and improves efficiency of gasoline engines.

See Bosch Water Injection System in action:

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