AeroMobil 3.0: A car that runs or flies or both?


AeroMobil 3.0: A dual-purpose car

You read it right, a flying car! Humans have always dreamed of making a car that can fly but only a few are putting in efforts to do so! The team of AeroMobil S.R.O., a Slovakian aircraft manufacturer, is turning this science-fiction fantasy into a reality! The company is trying to make things as simple as possible, i.e. from designing to driving.

What is AeroMobil?

AeroMobil Front View
AeroMobil from above (Courtesy: Aero Mobil s.r.o.)

Aero Mobil is a car which you can either drive on road or fly in the air as and when needed. The car can seamlessly integrate with existing infrastructure like roads, airport runways, and normal parking spaces. Similarly, it runs on the conventional fuel i.e. gasoline, so there is no need for any specific kind of fuel as the airplanes do. Also, it is designed in such a way that it fits into the standard parking space. You can land it on any grass strip or paved surface which is only a few hundred meters in length. Also, its robust suspension helps to take off and land on relatively rough terrains.

How to use AeroMobil?

One can use it as a car for daily commutes and as a plane to travel to distant locations. It is also very useful for government agencies such as emergency response teams. In emergency situations, they can reach the location within minutes to help people in danger. However, one will require driver’s license as well as a pilot’s license to drive and/or fly this flying car.

Under the hood of the Flying Car:

AeroMobil Back View
AeroMobil Rear View (Courtesy: Aero Mobil)

The company has kept the details of the technology under wraps. But, the car will run on a four-cylinder liquid and air-cooled engine which will produce 100 HP power. The entire structure of this car is manufactured by using the composite material to reduce weight.

As a result, the unladen weight of this car is only 600 kg. The flying car can achieve a maximum speed of 200 km/h in air and 160 km/h on road. The car consumes the fuel at the rate of 8 L / 100 km on road & 15 L / hour during air travel. It has a sitting capacity of two.

AeroMobil Cabin
AeroMobil Cabin (Courtesy: Aero Mobil)

At present, the latest prototype AeroMobil 3.0 is undergoing a rigorous testing program. The company plans to implement more advanced features like autopilot and advance parachute deployment in near future. In spite of several legal and safety hurdles, Aero Mobil team is relentlessly pursuing their dream. We wish them all success in their endeavors!!

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See AeroMobil in action:

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