Driverless racing car Devbot to race on track??

Driverless racing car

Devbot: The Driverless Racing Car

Roborace, one of the pioneers in designing an autonomous racing car, introduced Devbot. Devbot is a driverless racing car designed by automotive futurist Daniel Simon. The company is currently testing the prototype and it can hit the race track any time soon. With the introduction of this driverless racing car, one more category will be added to formula e-series.

Driverless racing car on track
Driverless racing car on track (Courtesy: Roborace)

Even though the company has not revealed all the details yet, the video release reveals that it is a battle between machine learning and artificial intelligence. Devbot is a fully electric car and is capable to achieve speed up to 300 km/h. Considering the styling part, this car looks stunning with great aerodynamics features and is very light weight. Currently, the project has no funding.However, Roborace is very confident about raising the funds as big brands such as the Redbull, and Virgin are always keen to invest in some crazy ideas like this.

How Driverless racing car will race on track?

The Devbot is a driverless racing car which means the software will control it entirely. In other words, it means that all the cars in this race will be same, but by tweaking and fine-tuneing the software will achieve maximum performance. Sounds like a software game rather than mechanical, isn’t it?

There are no drivers, then why to race?

Autonomous driving is still in the research phase and big brands are not ready to make driverless cars public yet. However, in case of Roborace, the autonomous car will be racing on tracks and not in a public place. Hence, there are less legal battles to fight and it is safer from the point of view of public safety.

As there are no drivers, this is a fight between teams. These teams can be from different universities, companies and start-ups. All they have to do is to make suitable changes in the  program algorithms so as to win the race. So, this race is not about the skill of the driver, but the skill of the programmer. The teams can also write entirely new algorithm and develop their own artificial intelligence systems. So, there is plenty of room to do things better and there will be always a scope for the creativity.

The future of Driverless racing car and track racing:

Roborace is currently working on the concept which has not been attempted before. So, it involves too many challenges. Would these races be as exciting as traditional ones? Can humans race with robots? We don’t know for sure! But one thing is very sure that Roborace and its team has fueled the excitement of all auto-enthusiasts!!

Here is the official website here:

Here is the teaser of Driverless racing car:

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