Vision Mercedes Maybach 6: luxury beyond imagination

Vision Mercedes Maybach 6

Mercedes Benz, the German luxury car maker, recently showcased the jewel in its designing concept – the vision Mercedes Maybach 6. Earlier in 2015, Mercedes Benz had introduced an autonomous car F015 luxury in motion. This time it is a coupe with a mix of modern design and proven aesthetics.

Vision Mercedes Maybach 6 Design:

Vision Mercedes Maybach 6 top
Vision Mercedes Maybach 6 top (Courtesy: Mercedes Benz)

It’s a 2-seater car with classic trims which represents the classic era of aero coupes in a modern way. This vehicle follows the philosophy of neat and pure design end to end. It looks elegant with luxurious interiors and exteriors. The long bonnet and lower roof line manifest a perfect blend of retro-modern looks.

Stunning and gorgeous exteriors:

Vision Mercedes Maybach 6 front
Vision Mercedes Maybach 6 front view (Courtesy: Mercedes Benz)

The radiator grille and upper body are separated by a sharp feature line going along both the sides. In addition, the fine lines of the radiator grill improve the appearance of front end. Furthermore, the red paint and chrome lines add extra oomph that you always wanted. Rear end of Vision 6 resembles the tail of a luxurious yacht.

Welcome to a super-luxurious lounge:

Vision Mercedes Maybach 6 interiors
Vision Mercedes Maybach 6 interiors (courtesy: Mercedes Benz)

The horizontal surface of seats merges with doors and finally matches with dashboard thereby creates a 360° view. A large wind screen like display will provide all the necessary information in an augmented format. Also, passengers can change this display via gesture control. The traditional wood trims on the dashboard and doors make the soften the overall appearance thereby avoiding techno feel.

Under the hood:

Like its stunning looks, Vision Mercedes Maybach 6 is equally well and powerful on technical ground. It is a fully electric car equipped with synchronous electric motor. This motor churns out 550 kW (750 ps) of raw power. The configuration resembles like a typical sports car. Vision 6 accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in mere 4 seconds. The battery has a range of 500 kms and usable capacity of 80 kWh.

With the introduction of Vision Mercedes Maybach 6, Mercedes Benz has stepped into a new segment of electric coupes where luxury and power shake hands! We expect to see more of such jaw-dropping cars in future!!

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See the luxury in action:

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