Bosch remote park assist

Bosch remote park assist: Hassle-free parking at your fingertips

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Bosch Remote Park assist Overview

Bosch is a multinational engineering and research company. The company is developing the automation technology and vehicle components since 1886. The new innovation at Bosch brings technological breakthroughs. The recent development in the automated mobility has an enormous impact on our day to day lives. The recent innovation is the Bosch remote park assist.

Bosch remote park assist in action
Bosch remote park assist in action

The Bosch Remote Park Assist is a system which moves the car in and out of the parking space with little human assistance. This is a partially automated technology. The driver can concentrate on controlling maneuver while the vehicle parks itself. The driver has an option to remain inside the car or get out.

The Park Assist is a safe and easy way of parking. The cramped parking spaces where it is difficult to open doors will not be the issue anymore. The Bosch remote park assist will enable the use of such spaces, reducing the traffic and parking woes. With a simple touch of a button, you can park your vehicle.

How Bosch Remote park assist works?

The Remote Park Assist consists of two important components. The first component is an ultrasonic sensor. The ultrasonic sensor scans the surroundings, calculates the distance to the obstacle and monitors the space around the vehicle. The second component is an ESP that prevents the vehicle from skidding.

Moreover, the ultrasonic sensor situated inside of the bumper scans the surrounding. After scanning the surrounding, it identifies a suitable perpendicular or parallel space for parking. Once the system identifies the space, it alerts the driver.

Once the driver knows about the space, s/he can get out of the vehicle and start the Remote Park Assist thru' the Smartphone or the button on the car key. The car, then, carries out the parking maneuver on its own without anyone at the steering wheel.

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