Smart Accelerator: An Intuitive, Smart Tech by BOSCH

Smart accelerator pedal

Smart Accelerator Pedal By BOSCH:

With the advent of computing and internet technologies, almost everything is turning smart. Internet of Things (IoT) is changing the way we live now. Almost all devices like mobile phones & home appliances are turning smarter. And, the automobile industry is not an exception. Autonomous driving is just the beginning. And undoubtedly, it will be a reality soon. BOSCH is inventing new technologies such as the smart accelerator with such changing trends.

Almost every automotive company is either building or interested in building self-driven cars. However, the German automotive parts manufacturer BOSCH is building something that goes beyond the limits. It is an intuitive and ‘Smart Accelerator’ pedal. It provides the driver with feedback about the changing driving conditions.

Smart Accelerator In Working:

This ‘intuitive’ smart pedal gives three types of responses. They include knocking, counter pressure and vibrations. This prompts the driver to take necessary actions to avoid dangerous situations arising while driving. It keeps the driver alert and within speed-limits. Thus it ensures safe and relaxed driving experience.

Smart accelerator pedal feedback
Smart accelerator pedal feedback (Courtesy: BOSCH)

The smart pedal works perfectly in synchronization with changing traffic conditions. The ECU of ‘Smart Accelerator’ is connected to the Cloud, the navigation system, engine management and sensors which provide real-time data to the ECU. The system then processes the information and gives Haptic feedback to the driver’s foot via accelerator pedal. This, in turn, results in the necessary action by the driver.

Improved Efficiency:

The accelerator pedal also helps in efficient driving. BOSCH claims that there is around 7 % reduction in fuel consumption by using the Smart Accelerator pedal. The Smart Accelerator pedal is always connected to the Cloud which stores a large amount of data. The data includes the road conditions, traffic, and weather etc. Thus, it helps the accelerator pedal to take decisions in real-time regardless of the location.

The accelerator pedal gives Haptic signals directly to the driver’s foot. And hence, the driver can respond intuitively. It also provides clean and efficient driving experience with situation-based responses such as the right time for shifting gears, electric driving in hybrid & electric vehicles etc. This reduces the chances of an accident as the Smart Accelerator responds quickly by giving early warnings of danger.

Smart accelerator pedal working process
Smart accelerator pedal working process (Courtesy: BOSCH)

The Smart Move:

The Smart Accelerator also goes beyond all the above-mentioned points by giving situation-based responses. Here is an example how this works. A driver is driving down the slopes in hilly areas. The speed of the vehicle increases due to gravity. It also combines an increase in pressure on the accelerator pedal exerted by the driver. This results in the excessive/uncontrolled speed of the vehicle.

At this point, the accelerator pedal reacts to the situation by applying counter pressure. This immediately leads to speed control and avoids over-speeding. Similarly, on the blind curves, the Smart Accelerator processes the traffic information from the cloud. If it detects an incoming traffic, it gives a signal to the driver’s foot in the form of vibrations which ultimately results in avoiding accidents.

In this way, the Smart Accelerator designed by BOSCH provides smart, intelligent, efficient and Eco-friendly driving experience.

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