PAL-V flying car

PAL-V flying car: a car that gives you wings to fly..!

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PAL-V flying car of your dreams:

PAL-V International B.V. is a Dutch company developing a concept car that flies. The company was founded in 2001. Since then, it is trying to develop a car that flies in the sky called the PAL-V flying car. In March 2012, the first flying car that took off was the PAL-V One.

PAL-V flying car front view
PAL-V flying car front view

The PAL-V liberty is basically having three wheels. It’s a three wheel car and it can lean like a motorcycle. On the ground, the propeller and rotor stops and diverts all the power to the rear wheels. In-flight PAL-V is Gyrocopter. The pusher propeller provides forward thrust while it is foldable at the same time.

The PAL-V flying car Features:

The PAL-V is based in Netherland which is a pioneer of most of the technological innovations. While designing and testing PAL-V, Dutch engineers have put all their skills and efforts. The final product is definitely astonishing and never seen before. Everyone has dreamed of the flying car but putting it into reality is not easy. The PAL-V complies with highest safety standards.

The PAL-V is designed in Italy which is known for its sleek and elegant designs. Every shape is crafted to perfection including colors. The high-end material and technology give this car an ability to fly.

The PAL-V flying car uses the state of the art technology. The company partnered with leading aviation manufacturers to meet highest aviation standards. The latest offering from the company is PAL-V liberty. The works started on PAL-V liberty back in 2013. The company is aiming to hand over the keys of first commercial flying car model PAL-V Liberty in 2019.

In addition, the Pal-V offers full leather seats. The dual engine along with curve stabilization helps to achieve safety while flying. The PAL-V is a self-stabilizing aircraft.

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