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Volvo Connect: efficient transportation through the IT

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Volvo Connect: Modern fleet management solution from Volvo

Volvo is a Swedish automotive manufacturer. The company is into the truck manufacturing business since 1928. The company is the second largest manufacturer of heavy-duty trucks in 2016. Volvo Connect is a new platform for the transporters and fleet owners alike. The company is not only improving the efficiency in its trucks but also in the transportation business as a whole.

Volvo connect software interface
Volvo connect software interface

Volvo Connect is a new software platform for transporters. The digital services and functions are available on a single portal, maximizing the efficiency on the go. The customers can easily access all the features easily on their smartphone or any computer.

The transportation industry and truck owners are now using telematics and digital services to maximize the efficiency. The increase in digitalization increases the number of interfaces. Thus, making it more complicated. Volvo Connect is addressing this problem by providing all the connected and digital services in a single portal.

Advantages of Volvo Connect

Volvo Connect provides the entire fleet management solution including maintenance, planning and legal compliance. The portal also has an additional marketplace where you can subscribe to additional services and activate it thru' the platform. The users can adapt to the interface. Besides, they can make all necessary information quickly accessible.

Features of Volvo Connect

The Volvo Trucks is also launching the Data Access Service. This service enables access to the vehicle data stored on the cloud. The available data can be easily integrated into the clients existing systems regardless of the model or the make. Hence, the transport operators get all the benefits of managing a mixed fleet.

Furthermore, Volvo is also launching the Dynafleet Safety Service. This service helps to track the driving behaviors across the fleet. In addition, the customer can also track the vehicle safety systems and vehicle status. The system also tracks the malfunctions at real time. It can also alert the customer for immediate or scheduled repair.

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