Rivigo: Changing the face of logistics in India.

Rivigo: Revolutionizing Logistics Rivigo is a technology-driven Startup, mainly focussing on the logistics and supply-chain management. Gazal Kalra and Deepak Garg are the founders of Rivigo. The Rivigo aims at easing the life of important …


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Rivigo: Revolutionizing Logistics

Rivigo is a technology-driven Startup, mainly focussing on the logistics and supply-chain management. Gazal Kalra and Deepak Garg are the founders of Rivigo. The Rivigo aims at easing the life of important pillars of the transportation industry – the Truck drivers. In India, the life of a truck driver is in a vastly neglected state. The company aims to revive the state of the truck drivers and make it more humane without compromising the efficiency.

Rivigo Logistics
Rivigo Logistics

Although the goal looks simple, it is difficult to achieve. Currently, a single/solo driver carries out the long-distance transport. This results in more stress to that lone driver. So, tobacco and alcohol addictions are very common among the truck drivers to relieve the stress. Besides, they are away from the home for most of the time. Hence, they are also prone to homesickness.

Furthermore, to address all these scenarios in Indian transportation industry; Rivigo came up with a unique model of Relay trucking. This model works brilliantly where drivers keep on changing until the destination is reached. Here, The drivers work in the shifts and hand over the vehicle to other drivers.  Then, the driver who hands over the vehicle to another; takes a different truck and continues his return journey back home. Thus, the drivers come back every day to their respective homes which resolve most of the issues mentioned above.

The technology at Rivigo

Rivigo utilizes IOT at its core. IOT helps to achieve operational efficiency making timely delivery a reality. The customers can track their consignments in real time. The trucks keep on working while the driver is more stress-free and be at home every day. All this is achievable through IOT and associated technologies such as the IOT sensors and the Internet.

In addition, the company has a two-way IOT system. In this system, the end customer and the company can analyze the data and act upon it. For example, two-way temperature control system for the temperature-controlled trucks. This system ensures the best temperature at all the time for a particular commodity. This also brings transparency to the process; making it error-free.

Geo-fencing technology enables tracking of the trucks and analyzing the vehicle behavior in real-time. This ensures more reliable and safe transport. All the trucks at Rivigo have GPS, fuel sensors, vital sensors and driver app. The data generated is processed and analyzed. Furthermore, the intelligent algorithms then remove the errors in the data; giving accuracy and efficiency.

Fuel efficiency and Rivigo

The fuel is the biggest expenses in the trucking industry. The accurate diagnosis of fuel is the need of the trucking industry. Fuel theft is the biggest problem in the Indian transport industry. The company solves this problem by using the cutting age technology such as fuel sensors.

The slightest drop in fuel levels is traceable. The accuracy in fuelling is possible due to a large number of field trials of fuel sensors and algorithms that track each and every drop of fuel. Use of statistical modeling and geo-fencing technique tracks the filling efficiency of the fuel pump. The company can track all the fuel fillings every time.

The fuel efficiency also depends on the driving behavior of the drivers. Furthermore, various sensors monitor the driving efficiency of the truck driver. The system can then alert the driver in case of inefficient driving behavior like over speeding. Similarly, they are also incentivizing the drivers who attain higher fuel efficiency.

Safety at Rivigo

Automatic allocation of the driving duties makes the relay-driving system unique. The automation ensures that the driving time is not greater than 4-6 hours. Drivers’ driving history and their personalities decide the handing over of duties; ensuring safe and stress-free trips.

All drivers have the Rivigo app on their smartphones. This app gives all the performance-based data to the drivers so that they can improve upon themselves. It also alerts for the overspeeding and rash driving by drivers. So, ultimately it improves the drivers’ driving behavior, making it safer. The entire system has a focus on efficiency and not speed. Instead of speeding, the system improves the unnecessary stoppages and driving efficiency.

In addition, the drivers get safety training at regular intervals. The regular maintenance of the trucks and assistance at the pit-stops (the place where driver hand over the truck to another driver) avoids mechanical failures. Thus, it ensures fewer breakdowns.

In conclusion, we feel the Team at Rivigo is really doing a great job in the Indian transportation industry. So, we are very sure it will change the life of mostly neglected truck drivers in India.

Images courtesy: Rivigo

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