Active Blind Spot Assist technology explained

Active blind spot assist

How Active Blind Spot Assist Technology Works?

Active Blind Spot Assist is a driver assistance system which improves vehicle safety. It keeps a close eye on the blind spots formed in the vicinity of the vehicle. The accident due to poor visibility can be avoided by using this technology. This technology is like driver drowsiness detection which helps the driver for a safe and alert drive.

What is a blind spot?

It is an area which driver could not see in the rear-view mirrors both internal and external. Blind spot can arise depending on driving conditions. However, the areas behind the C pillar or the one that is behind the rear door of the vehicle are the most common ones.

In case if the vehicle is being overtaken by other vehicle or if it is switching the lane after overtaking the vehicle at the front, then the above-mentioned area is most susceptible to damage due to collision because of the non-visibility. This is where Active Blind Spot Assist comes into action.

Working of Active Blind Spot Assist:

This system employs the short-range radars. These radars monitor the area of almost 3.5 meters towards the left and right of the vehicle and an area of 3 meters towards the rear. If the system detects any vehicle or a motorcycle rider in this area then an indication is given in the outer rear view mirror in the form of a small red triangle.

Alarm accompanies the signal so that driver can take corrective action. Some advanced systems have the capability to apply the desired braking in such situations of danger thereby avoiding the unwanted event. Additionally, this system functions at the speed range of 30-250 km/h. We can turn the system on and off from the control panel.

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See Active Blind Spot Assist in action here:

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