active road noise cancellation

Active Road Noise Cancellation: what you need to know

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How does Active Road Noise Cancellation work?

You hear lots of road noise while cruising along the highway. What if we remove those noises entirely? You will have a relaxing and soothing experience, right! You are correct; this is what Active Road Noise Cancellation does. The technology actively removes unwanted tyre and road sounds from the cabin.

Sensors and Controllers
Sensors and Controllers

Furthermore, as you know, while cruising on highways, you hear lots of tire sound coming from the road inside the cabin. Such sound for a prolonged period is annoying and adds to the discomfort. This technology really helps to avoid such an annoying sound.

Besides, this technology provides a refined and quieter experience for drivers and passengers. The system can reduce the annoying sounds by 10dB.


The active road noise cancellation reduces overall sounds by 3-4dB. This reduction is equivalent to reducing the volume of the sound system by four steps. In general, you won't believe tires and road creates that much sound right? But the fact is they do. They produce lots of noise.

Furthermore, the significant noise reduction with low frequency up to 300Hz reduces overall driver fatigue on long and tiring journeys. The long trips often come with driving fatigue. Fatigue reduces the ability to cope with unexpected events on the road, causing severe accidents.

According to research, a tired driver's reaction time increases by 16.72% when compared to the normal driver. It's because the human body gets exhausted as it needs to stay alert for a longer duration, specifically on long journeys.

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