Car Sensors & Other Vehicle Sensors Used In Automobiles

Engine sensors car sensors (courtesy: Rotary Electronics)

Which are the car sensors or vehicle sensors?

Modern transport has many other car sensors. These sensors help a car achieve better and refined performance. Apart from the engine sensors, a modern vehicle has numerous other sensors. These vehicle sensors include the following.

Rotary position sensor - Courtesy (Gills UK)
Rotary position sensor – Courtesy (Gills UK)

A modern vehicle has following sensors:

Name of the sensor Function
Wheel Speed Sensor Used with the ABS system. Each wheel has a speed sensor which detects the wheel speed
Load sensor Detects the load in the vehicle
Accelerator Pedal Position sensor Detects the correct position of the car’s accelerator
CG/Gravity Sensor Used to measure the g-force
Lateral acceleration sensor Used in Electronic Stability Program & measures cornering forces
Throttle position sensor Used in the throttle body. Detects the position of the throttle
Steering angle sensor Detects the steering/turning angle
Impact sensor Located in the front bumper and activate the airbags upon impact
Tyre Pressure Monitoring Sensor Measure tire air pressure
Bank angle sensor Used in the Motorcycle Traction Control system. Measures the leaning angle of a motorcycle

Car sensors:

Fuel level sensor Detects the fuel level in the fuel tank
Lane Sensor Detects the marked lane of the road and works with Lane Departure Warning System
A/C Temperature Sensor Measures the air temperature at the evaporator
Outside Temperature Sensor Measures ambient air temperature
Inside/Cabin Temperature Sensor Measures cabin temperature
Air Quality sensor Located inside the vehicle cabin. Measures the air quality in the cabin
Parking sensors Used in front & rear bumpers. Measures the vehicle’s distance from obstructions
Crash sensor Mounted near the vehicle’s crumple zone. Detects the crash and send the signal to the airbags
Airbag sensor Located inside the airbag and activates it upon getting the signal from the crash sensor
Crash sensor
Crash sensor

All these sensors are connected to their respective control modules. These modules are connected to the EMS and communicate with each other through it.

Apart from these, electric cars may have some more sensors. They are rotary angle sensors, touch sensors, light sensors, and sound sensors, etc.

Bosch, Hitachi, and Gills are some of the vehicle sensors or car sensors manufacturers in the world.

Watch car sensors in action here:

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