SSC Tuatara: The world’s new fastest car

SSC Tuatara

SSC Tuatara hits 331mph speed record & we are stunned

The Shelby SuperCars (SSC), an American private car company, makes its debut in the race for the fastest car in the world. SSC Tuatara became the world’s fastest car with a record speed of 331mph that equates to 532.6km/h. This mind-blowing speed is an absolute thrill that equally rooted in Tuatara design.

SSC Tuatara Front View
SSC Tuatara Front View

Furthermore, SSC Tuatara is currently in production at SSC North America facility Richland, Washington. In October 2020, the driver Oliver Webb broke the speed record by driving Tuatara at 331mph.

The Design

The SSC Tuatara is a hypercar at its core. The design and production involve years of research and endless trials. Hence, it requires precision engineering to manufacture such a high-performance vehicle that is road legal. This car gives an unmatched driving experience.

Besides, its aerodynamics takes inspiration from a fighter jet, while its design has simplicity and intensity at its core. The timeless form factor with futuristic profile marks its presence on the road. So, it demands attention wherever it goes.

Furthermore, The body design is done by Jason Castriota, the world’s renowned car designer. Every curve on the body is enticing and has aerodynamic qualities that reduce aerodynamic drag.

Also, the butterfly doors open upwards, making the cabin more accessible and stylish. The front and rear deck lids open, and the real excitement begins. These lids show off robust monocoque carbon fiber and also expose the suspension system. The forward deck has a storage compartment. The rear deck opens the door to the marvel of engineering of a powerful power train.

The Interiors

The interiors resonate with the simplicity you find in the exteriors. The teardrop canopy provides occupants expansive views of the surroundings. The HMI at the center gives the driver critical information about the vehicle, while the center display shows functionality information in a single touch.

Tuatara Dashboard
Tuatara Dashboard

The SSC Tuatara & Aerodynamics

Furthermore, aerodynamics plays a crucial role in achieving such a top speed. It is essential to keep the aerodynamic drag low while designing a vehicle. The whole design intentions have a clear focus on reducing aerodynamic drag. So, the car will move with ease through the air. Furthermore, the design also handles the vehicle at high speed by providing precision downforce.

The static winglet at the rear, forward static wing, active rear wing, and buttresses on the side keep the downforce optimum at very high speed. The air intake keeps the powerful drive-train cool at all times.

Tuatara Rear View
Tuatara Rear View

The performance

However, the performance of the hypercar is the key to success. The SSC Tuatara brings enormous amounts of power with a V8 engine. The robotized manual transmission takes this hyper beast to another level.

Furthermore, the engine is designed from the ground up by Nelson Racing Engines. The flat plate crank configuration provides smooth flowing power delivery. The car produces 1750 Hp of power.

The state of the art Automatic Manual Transmission (AMT) plays an important role in delivering such a gigantic power. It involves sensors, hydraulics, and microprocessors that provide hyper smooth performance with position accuracy. So, the seven-speed transmission with sub-100-millisecond track shifting gives the real adrenaline rush.


The dynamic handling gives you precision cornering thanks to three driving modes. In sport mode, the car becomes all rounder car. The suspension set up changes heights to 4.0″ at the front and 4.5″ at the rear. The gear shifting becomes more docile.

Furthermore, the track mode transforms this car into a beast. The suspension lowers itself to 2.74″ at the front and 3.25″ at the rear, giving you extreme track level handling. The active rear wing dynamically adjusts itself, keeping the airflow balance with precision downforce. Besides, the active rear wing also helps while braking by deliberately diverting airflow, providing precision braking. The transmission is set to 50-millisecond aggressive shifting.

In addition, the third mode is the front lift mode. In this mode, the suspension lifts the car by 40 mm. This mode is suitable for normal roads, specifically on speed bumps or during transportation.

SSC Tuatara specifications

Furthermore, the SSC Tuatara has a mid-engine layout. The dry weight of the vehicle is 2750lbs. It has a wheelbase of 105.2″. The Tuatara has a 0.279 coefficient of drag with an 18 sq ft frontal area.

Besides, the engine produces 1750 horsepower at 8800rpm. The engine has dual injectors per cylinder. The paddle gear shifting makes it easier for the driver to change gears. The anti-roll rocker system avoids the roll of the car. The side camera and all-time rear camera provide outside visuals in real-time, increasing overall safety. The remote reservoir suspension enhances overall handling and control.

In conclusion, SSC Tuatara sets up a new benchmark in the hypercar industry, setting up new speed records.

Image Courtesy: SSC

Watch SSC Tuatara in action

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