Ford MyKey: What you need to know

Ford MyKey

What is Ford MyKey & How does it work?

Ford Motor Company is one of the oldest car manufacturing companies in the world. It is building new technology for its customers through innovation. The Ford MyKey is one of the smart features that you can have in your vehicle. It is nothing but the smart key that you can program using the car’s software.

MyKey Settings
MyKey Settings

Furthermore, by using MyKey, you can control your car’s security settings via the key, especially when you are not behind the wheel. Thus, you can control the driving habits of a family member for safe and responsible driving.

Ford My Key Overview

The Ford MyKey allows you to program one of the keys in such a way that your car will be in the restricted driving mode when someone else is using it. The other key will act as an administrative key.

You can use the administrative key to program My Key configuration settings. Thus, you can create My Key using the admin key. Lastly, you can clear all the My Key features using the admin key.

You can use the information panel on the dashboard to see how many admin and My Keys are currently programmed to the vehicle. Secondly, you can check the total distance covered by your car using My Key.

Ford My Key Settings

In the Ford MyKey, you have two types of settings. The nonconfigurable settings and configurable settings. The nonconfigurable settings are the settings that you can’t change. So, these are default settings.

The nonconfigurable settings are enabled by default when you use MyKey. These settings include safety belt reminders. The audio system will mute until seat belts are correctly fastened. The driver assists feature, like blind spot assist, is force-enabled. The parking aids are active too.

The low fuel warning lamp will also turn on earlier so that the driver will have sufficient time for the next fill-up. Adult content restrictions are in place if your vehicle has satellite radio.

Furthermore, you can configure a few key settings by admin key after creating my key for the first time. You can set the vehicle speed limit thru’ my key. Once the driver reaches the set speed limit, a warning will be displayed on the screen with an audio warning. The driver can not overturn the speed limit by cruise control or by pressing the accelerator paddle to the full.

Also, you can set different speed reminders. These reminders will be displayed to the driver when the vehicle reaches the set speed. The audio system is set to a max volume of 45%. If the driver exceeds the volume beyond a set limit, the screen will display a warning.

Besides, you can enable traction control permanently. You can also keep emergency assistance permanently on. My key driver will not be able to turn them off.

How to create Ford MyKey?

First of all, insert the key that you want to program into the ignition. In a vehicle with the start-stop function, you need to place an intelligent key fob into the backup slot.

Ford MyKey configuration
Ford MyKey configuration

Turn on the engine. Access the main menu in the display and select settings, then select Ford MyKey. Then further select ‘Create my key.’ The system will prompt you to label the key as my key. Till then, hold the ‘Ok’ button. Now the system labeled it as My Key and will restrict features if you use it next time. So, now you have created my key successfully.

How to configure My Key?

Switch the ignition on by admin key or fob. Then select the main menu. Now select settings and then My Key by pressing the Ok or > button. Use arrow buttons to select various features. Press the ok or > button to select options.

How to clear Ford MyKey settings?

When you need to clear settings, turn the ignition on by admin key or fob. Then select Settings and then My Key. Then select the clear my key option and hold the ok button for a few seconds. The display will pop up with the message, “All my keys cleared.”

My Key system status

First, select My Key via settings in the information display. Here, you can select the My Key dist. option, which will display the distance traveled by My Key user. My Keys option will display the number of MyKeys programmed in the system. Admin Keys option will display the number of admin keys programmed into the system.

Besides, MyKey is not compatible with aftermarket remote start systems. Only ford approved remote start systems work with Ford MyKey.

In conclusion, Ford MyKey is the smart key that will enable the admin key user to program the other key, so that driver with MyKey will drive responsibly.

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Watch Ford MyKey demo

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