What is Acceleration Control in cars and how it works?


A safety system that prevents hazards of unintended acceleration

Acceleration Control is a type of pre-crash or active safety system which Mazda designed for its vehicles accoutred with automatic transmission. It prevents the dangers of collision arising due to the sudden unintended acceleration.

Acceleration Control System Working:

In case of the vehicles having an automatic transmission, vehicle directly moves forward when the driver presses the accelerator as there is the absence of clutch pedal. So, it may happen that the driver may press the accelerator pedal by mistake i.e. when he does not intend to do so and in such a case the vehicle will collide with the nearby obstacle. This certainly endangers the safety of the passengers in the vehicles.

To avoid this, Acceleration Control system will come into play. This system continuously monitors the surroundings of the vehicle with the help of the laser sensor. If the laser sensor detects an obstacle in front of the car then Acceleration Control system takes control of the situation and curbs engine power so that vehicle will not leap ahead even though the accelerator pedal is pressed. Also, the driver receives a warning in the form of alarm and the warning light simultaneously. This enables him/her to promote any corrective action.

The diagram below highlights the importance of Acceleration Control system:

Benefits of acceleration control
Benefits of acceleration control (Courtesy: Mazda Motor Corporation)

As claimed by the manufacturer, This system will avoid most of such mishaps. But you need to take care and not to rely on this system totally. This is because there are certain limitations to this system. You may observe that the efficiency of Acceleration Control varies according to the road and weather conditions.

More information about this technology can be obtained here. http://www.mazda.com/technology/safety/precrash_safety/at.html

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