AMT or Automated Manual Transmission Working

AMT - Automated Manual Transmission

What is AMT?

AMT stands for Automated Manual Transmission. It is a type of semi-automatic transmission. ‘Clutchless Manual Transmission’ is another name for AMT. It is gaining rapid popularity among vehicle manufacturers and customers. This is because it offers the cost-effectiveness over the conventional automatic transmission. In addition, this technology is also very convenient to use.

Maruti Suzuki Auto Gear Shift or AMT
Maruti Suzuki Auto Gear Shift or AMT

Like many other vehicle systems, the manufacturers initially developed Automated Manual Transmission for Formula 1 vehicles. However, they now use it on the present day passenger vehicles as well.

In India, it is introduced for the first time by Maruti Suzuki on their hatch Celerio and is now being offered on the New Alto K10 as well. Magneti Marelli developed the AMT system employed on Maruti Celerio. Tata Motors is also planning to introduce such a system. It is being developed by ZF Sachs for their popular small car Nano.

Components & Working of Automated Manual Transmission:

In very simple terms, Automatic Manual Transmission is nothing but a manual transmission. It operates without the need to operate the clutch pedal. Instead, it employs an electro-mechanical clutch actuator that operates the clutch as and when required.

AMT Magneti-Marelli
AMT system by Magneti Marelli (Courtesy: Magneti Marelli)

There are two components of the AMT or Automatic Manual Transmission. The electronic components and hydraulic components. Out of these two, the hydraulic components are actuators. They perform tasks such as engaging and disengaging of the clutch and gears. Sometimes, they allow the driver to choose the gear of his choice. In such a case, their only role is to give assistance. Generally, the designers club all the hydraulic components together and mount them on the gearbox as a single unit.

Schematic of AMT
Schematic of AMT (Courtesy: ZF Sachs)

In Automatic Manual Transmission system, Transmission Control Unit (TCU) is the most intelligent electronic component. It governs the operation of this entire system. TCU takes into account the current driving conditions, engine operating condition and also the requirements of the driver. It then processes all the data and engages the desired gear accordingly.

Advantages of using AMT:

    1. It is convenient to operate. Hence, it reduces driving stress considerably.
    2. It improves the life of the clutch components.
    3. Accurate gear shifts help to reduce fuel consumption by upto 5%.
    4. Improved fuel economy leads to emission reduction.

Magneti Marelli, ZF, and Bosch are the leading manufacturers of the AMT or Automated Manual Transmission system for various vehicular applications such as cars and trucks. However, the manufacturers use custom names to make their product stand out.

Following are some of the brands and their custom names of AMT or Automated Manual Transmission:

Manufacturers use custom names for vehicles having AMT or Automated Manual Transmission. Following are some of the examples.

  1. Maruti Suzuki – Auto Gear Shift
  2. Tata Motors – F-Tronic

Watch the AMT or Automated Manual Transmission in action here:

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