Mazda radar cruise control

Mazda Radar Cruise Control: What you need to know

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How does (MRCC) Mazda Radar Cruise Control work?

Mazda Motor Corporation is a Japanese multinational automaker, manufacturing cars since 1920. The brand is consistently improving active safety technologies in its cars. The Mazda radar cruise control is such a technology that safely maintains cruise speed, taking into account the road traffic.

MRCC in action
MRCC in action

In addition, the system uses a millimetre wave radar to judge the speed of the vehicle at the front. At the same time, it also measures the distance from the car ahead. The system then processes this information and automatically controls the vehicle speed.

Furthermore, the system ensures occupants safety by maintaining the set distance with the car ahead. It also reduces the stress on the driver during highway cruising. The system also works well during slow traffic movement.

Mazda radar cruise control automatically adjusts the vehicle speed in accordance with the car ahead. If the vehicle in the front stops, then the system also stops the vehicle keeping the safe distance from the car ahead. Specifically, during long drives it reduces driver fatigue.

Furthermore, the MRCC also comes with Distance Recognition Support System (DRSS). The DRSS visually displays the following distance to the driver. So, the driver can act fast in emergency situations.

How MRCC works?

The Mazda Radar Cruise Control comes with 'stop and go' function. The MRCC automatically maintains a safe distance from the vehicle at the front. The radar located at the front of the car continuously monitors and scan the upcoming road.

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