Mercedes Me Adapter: All you need to know

Mercedes Me Adapter

How Does Mercedes Me Adapter work?

Mercedes Benz, a legendary luxury car manufacturer, recently unveiled the Mercedes Me Adapter. This adapter is the new way to connect to the intelligent network you are living in.

Mercedes Me App
Mercedes Me App

Besides, you can connect old Mercedes Benz vehicles to your smartphone. The old vehicles didn’t have connectivity features like modern cars. However, they have a port for connectivity, mostly for maintenance purposes.

The Mercedes Me Adapter smartly connects your vehicle with your smartphone via Bluetooth. So, you can connect to your vehicle in a very different way. The adapter and app give access to the most important vehicle information to you at a glance. Thus, you can make important maintenance-related decisions in advance.

How do Mercedes Me Adapter and App work?

The whole system consists of Mercedes Me Adapter and a smartphone app. Furthermore, this innovative system gives you access to a lot of data. Besides, the Me Adapter sends data to your smartphone via Bluetooth.

So, you can keep a tab on key information like tank full level, vehicle’s parking time, and mileage. Even you can document your entire driving. The system can display the entire route, distance covered, and the time taken.

Besides, the App automatically stores all the data related to the parking position and parking time. The system can further use this information to navigate you to your car.

Furthermore, in case of an accident, you can send the vehicle’s status, position, and damage notification to customer support through’ the Mercedes Me Adapter App. This particular feature is handy in case of emergency assistance. Via the app, you can contact your dealer at any time.

The system also helps in taking service appointments. This system also keeps the dealer informed about your car’s maintenance needs. The dealer can then send you a tailored offer about maintenance.

How to install and activate Mercedes Me Adapter?

You can install and activate Mercedes Me Adapter in five easy steps. In the first step, you need to download the app from the Apple app store or Google play store. In a second step, you need to login to the Mercedes Me App. You can create your own id for login.

Furthermore, in the third step, you need to insert the Adapter. You can insert the Adapter in OBD-2 Socket. Generally, OBD-2 Socket is located below the dashboard on the driver side.

In the fourth step, you need to pair the Adapter with the Smartphone via Bluetooth. In case, if pairing fails, you need to reinsert the Adapter into the socket. In the last step, you need to activate the Mercedes Me Adapter.

The activation process starts with adding your vehicle in the App. The App will ask you about the insertion of the Adapter; you need to confirm. Then, the app will ask you to start the engine. After starting the engine, the rest of the activation process will start automatically. It will take one to two minutes.

Furthermore, you need to add any missing information and consents. Then, App will request you to switch off the engine. Once done, activation successful message will pop up. Now you are ready to go. Your vehicle is now connected and provides upto date information directly inside the App.


First of all, the Mercedes Me Adapter App will provide current vehicle information like fuel level, parking location, parking time, and mileage. You can also find parking spaces with opening times and prices.

In cockpit mode, you will get information about average speed, oil temperature, and engine load. The car health monitor gives you instant support for warning lights. The app can also provide trip information and refueling information. You can also edit and export this information.

Besides, you can also find, contact, and book an appointment with a service station at any time. The App also has a reminder function. This function helps remember important due dates, such as an inspection.

In conclusion, the Mercedes Me Adapter is a novel concept. It will surely bring standalone cars to the connected world thanks to Mercedes Me.

Image Courtesy: Mercedes Benz

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