What Is Android Auto & How Does It Work?

Android Auto

Things You Should Know About Android Auto:

“What are the basic needs of human life?”- A simple question we frequently encounter! Until recently, the answer to this question was simple, i.e., food, water, shelter, and education! But now, with Android Auto, it seems the time has come to add an Android-powered smartphone to this list! Yes, we are so accustomed to these devices now that a single day without them is something one can hardly imagine!

To further expand this system’s vast application scope, Google has launched ‘Google Auto.’ And as a result, almost every auto manufacturer is in a hurry to introduce compatible vehicles in the market. So, people are talking much about this system. However, very few understand what this system is! So, let’s see how Android-Auto will revolutionize the auto industry.

In short, it is a platform or a system that allows your smartphone to connect to your vehicle. Connecting the phone to Android Auto is also very easy. Just plug in the phone via a data cable, and you are ready to go!

Once connected, you can enjoy using almost all the features of your phone through your vehicle’s instrument cluster or center console. However, the system works with phones with Android 5.0, i.e., Lollipop or higher version only.

What Can You Do With It?

Android Auto System Overview (Courtesy: Google)

The possibilities which you could explore with the system are virtually limitless. But to name a few, the system performs the following main tasks:

  1. Navigation by using Google Maps
  2. Enjoying music while driving
  3. Making or receiving phone calls and text messages

The real beauty of Android Auto lies in the fact that you can perform all these things without taking your hands off the steering wheel. Yes, you just have to say it aloud or command the system. And, the system will do it for you! Isn’t it wonderful? Safety has always been the top priority while designing this system, so the developers implemented the concept of voice commands.

Your android phone gets access to some of the sensors & systems on the vehicle to perform all these tasks. They include the Wheel Speed sensor, GPS, compass, sound system, etc. Many remarkable developments like controlling the vehicle data are in the making and will be out soon.

Hyundai is the first manufacturer worldwide to introduce Android Auto in its vehicle. Now, many more are offering this system. Indian manufacturer Mahindra & Mahindra has also decided to offer it on its vehicles soon.

One thing is very sure: the day is not far when our cars will start with our voice command, and Android Auto will play a vital role!

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