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Revolt Motors: India’s first electric motorcycles are here

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RV 400 and RV 300 all-electric motorcycles by Revolt

Revolt motors is a next-gen mobility company from India. The company is keen on making India's first AI-enabled electric motorcycle. Revolt's entire focus is on building an uncompromised motorcycle.

In addition, Revolt motors is also keen on building an aesthetic motorcycle with powerful performance. Revolt RV 400 and RV 300 are all-electric motorcycles. Both of the motorcycles have artificial intelligence at its core.

Worldwide electric motorcycles don't produce much sound as its IC engine counterparts. So motorcycle enthusiasts don't get that adrenaline rush as they get in a traditional motorcycle. Revolt found a solution to this issue. Revolt motorcycle offers four engine sound options and you can change them as you wish. So, you can simply change the bike's sound from your smartphone and ready to go.

Revolt motors and charging solution

Furthermore, charging the motorcycle is an important task. Revolt comes with simpler ways to charge your motorcycle. The first method is an on-board charging. In this charging method, you can simply plug the RV 400 charger into a standard 15 Amp power socket & battery will start charging.

In addition, batteries are portable and touch-safe. The batteries are also tested in different climatic conditions for durability. The Revolt Motors RV 400 comes with lithium-ion batteries. The 72V, 3.24kWh battery charges from 0-100 in just four hours. The battery comes with five years warranty.

Furthermore, RV 300 also comes with lithium-ion batteries. The 60V, 2.7kWh battery charges from 0-100 in 4.2 hours. This battery also comes with five years warranty.

In addition, you can charge your revolt via portable charging solution. You can simply remove the battery and charge it anywhere. Just in case you don't have a power source nearby, you can charge the battery inside the workplace or home. In short, you can carry your batteries anywhere.

If you don't have time to charge the battery you can swap the battery. You can find Revolt Switch Station via the app. Thus, you can simply exchange the discharged battery for a charged one.

Furthermore, if you don't have an option from above and your battery is dead you can order the fully charged battery. The Revolt app comes to the rescue. Simply via the app, you can order the charged battery. Revolt will deliver it to you. This means you have plenty of options for charging.

AI Motorcycle by Revolt Motors

Revolt motorcycles have AI. So, you can control your motorcycle via Revolt App. In addition, you can locate your motorcycle on the map. Besides, you can geo-fence your motorcycle, swap the batteries on the go, and also change its sound. The world of the connected motorcycle simply becomes real.

Revolt App
Revolt App

The RV 300

Revolt RV 300 has three riding modes. In Eco mode, the top speed is 25km/h with 180km range. The Normal mode comes with 45km/h top speed with 110km range while Sports mode comes with 65km/h top speed with 80km range.

Revolt motors RV300
Revolt motors RV300

Furthermore, the upside-down forks at the front & adjustable monoshock at the rear gives great riding comfort. 1.5KW hub motor can attain a top speed of 65km/h. It also comes with LED headlamps.

The RV 400

Revolt Motors RV 400 has three riding modes. In Eco mode, the top speed is 45km/h with 150km range. The Normal mode comes with 65km/h top speed with 100kms range while Sports mode comes with 80km/h top speed with 80kms range.

Revolt motors RV400
Revolt motors RV400

In addition, it also comes with upside-down forks. The adjustable mono-shock suspension gives comfort in any terrain. Furthermore, the 3KW mid-drive motor can attain a top speed of 80km/h. The LED headlamps gives more visibility in the night.

In conclusion, Revolt Motors is bringing the electric revolution in India. The all-electric motorcycles with AI will change the game for sure.

Image courtesy: Revolt Motors

Watch Revolt Motors RV 400 in action

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