Sony vision-s concept: everything you need to know

Sony vision-s concept

The Sony vision-s concept: A new revolution in electric sedans

Sony, as we know it, is for all kinds of electronics. We know it for walkman, TVs, sound systems, and so on. But wait. The company recently showcased the Sony vision-s concept sedan. And yes, it’s a car. It looks like, Sony is entering into the electric vehicle space with a bang.

Sony vision-s concept front view
Sony vision-s concept front view

Furthermore, Sony is also trying to revolutionize mobility. It wants to transform our day-to-day mobility in an eco-friendly way. Sony wants to use its creativity and technology. It wants to reimagine how we get from one location to another. So, as a social responsibility, sony wants to contribute towards society and the environment.

Safety is the priority

The self-driving era comes with comfort. In addition, this era will also be bringing new levels of safety. The new technology takes precautionary measures faster than humans.

Furthermore, sony introduces a new concept with the name safety cocoon. This safety cocoon will monitor all the directions of the car’s outer sphere. It monitors the passengers inside the car as well. In addition, it also gives driving and parking assistance. All in all, it gives peace of mind to its occupants.

Furthermore, oval sensing is a new technology that uses 33 automotive-grade sensors. These sensors are located inside as well as outside of the car. Hence, these sensors keep an eye on its surroundings in 360 degrees. This layout has a cacoon shape and it underlines the oval design theme of the car.

In addition, Sony vision-s concept provides Level-2 automation. The network of sensors provides accurate driver assistance. It includes self-parking, cruise control and auto lane changing. The software updates can achieve Level-4 automation in the future.

vision-s Interiors
Sony vision-s concept Interiors

Advance camera monitoring can detect pedestrians much before the human eye can. It can also alert the driver through 3 large displays in the cabin. The room display at the center can show both sides of the vehicle. The system can adjust the brightness of the screen if it detects glare from headlights behind. Thus, these smart technologies increase safety and security as a whole.

vision-s back view
Vision-s concept back view

In addition, advance driver monitoring can monitor drivers in real-time. It can gauge the condition of the driver via facial expressions and body movements. It can also gauge fatigue levels and alert drivers if necessary. So, passenger comfort is the real goal along with safety.

Entertainment & Sony vision-s concept

Sony thinks about entertainment in a very different way. As self-driving technology evolves, people will use the in-car time for entertainment. So, sony wants to recreate this experience with 360 reality audio.

Furthermore, the 360 reality audio is an immersive experience. It is object-based spatial audio technology. This technology recreates vivid realism. So when you hear the sound, it feels like the artist is performing right before them.

In addition, 360 reality audio also comes with individual seat speakers. So, here the aim is to provide a personal music experience to everyone in the car. The sony audio signal processing technology best utilizes cabin space for the best audio experience.

Sony vision-s concept seats
Sony vision-s concept seats

The cabin here is actually a living room space. So, occupants can enjoy favorite videos and movies on a panoramic screen. The ergonomic intuitive UI provides a great experience. Hence, you can enjoy the videos anywhere at any time. A jog dial provides accessible video controls.


The Sony vision-s concept is always connected to the outside world. The car actually evolves with time as it is part of the network. The built-in software keeps on evolving over time. So, conventional individual systems become integrated and linked systems.

vision-s concept top view
vision-s concept top view

Furthermore, the vision-s link allows a seamless connection between car and smartphone. The music you are listening to will automatically transfer to the in-car audio system. The map you are viewing on the smartphone will automatically display on-screen inside the car. Hence, convenience and smooth transition from the outside world to inside the car is possible via s-link.

The car has AI at its core. It will understand your driving pattern, the music you listen to, routes you take and even seat settings. Next time when you board a car, it will keep all the preferences ready. The car keeps on learning and becomes more intelligent over time.

The new platform

The new EV platform at Sony is compatible with all categories of vehicles. So it is not about sedans, they can use it for SUV’s, MPV’s and may more vehicle types.

Furthermore, an ultra-thin battery pack creates more room inside the cabin. In addition, a highly flexible power-train layout achieves a diverse cabin environment.

The new platform also provides active and passive safety to occupants. The E/E system supports constant monitoring via 5G connectivity. So, vehicle systems will endlessly evolve & optimize themselves.

Sony vision-s concept specifications

The vision-s concept is an all-wheel drive. It has a top speed of 240 km/h. Sony vision-s concept produces 400 kW of power. It can go from 0-100 km/h in 4.8 seconds. It has a seating capacity of 4 with individual speakers.

Image courtesy: Sony

Watch Sony vision-s concept in action

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