Aston Martin Rapide E: first electric Aston Martin is here

Aston Martin Rapide E

Aston Martin Rapide E: what you need to know

Aston Martin is a British iconic luxury car brand specifically known for Grand Tourers. The company recently unveiled its first productionready all-electric car, Aston Martin Rapide E.


The Rapide E will be the company’s first entry into the electric car market. There is no doubt, it will have superior performance and craftsmanship. The exclusiveness of Aston Martin cars will continue in today’s all-electric era.

The first car will be manufactured in the all-new state-of-the-art production facility at St Athan. With the launch of this car, it will be the first zero-emission luxury car brand. Furthermore, the first production run will be limited to 155 units. The development of the Rapide E is done in collaboration with Williams Advanced Engineering (WAE).


The Aston Martin design team consistently worked hard to improve the aerodynamic efficiency of the car. The Honeycomb front grill takes the place of traditional metal vanes.

Rapid E has a lower cooling requirement of the electric powertrain. It gives freedom to improve and optimize the frontal area with less aerodynamic drag. So, they simply reduce the airflow through the car’s body. As a result, the car is more aerodynamically efficient. Hence, it offers more range in one charge.

The underfloor of the car is intelligently redesigned. It streamlines the airflow underneath the car, passing directly to the large rear diffuser. Hence, more aerodynamic efficiency.

The aerodynamic forged aluminum wheels with Pirelli P- Zero tires give more efficiency. Thus, Aston Martin Rapide E aerodynamic package is 8% more efficient than its internal combustion powered version.

Rapide E is a pivotal model for for the luxury marque.

Marek Reaichman, Executive Vice President, Aston Martin.

Technology and Rapide E

The 10″ digital display takes the place of an analog display. The digital display gives all the key information of the car. This includes battery status, regenerative braking performance, current power levels of the motors and real-time energy consumption.


The carbon fiber has a big role in exteriors and weight reduction without compromising on safety. The dedicated app for Rapide E helps to monitor the key information of the car remotely.

In addition, you can send your route planning to the car seamlessly via the app. You can also see and navigate to the parking spot via the app. The app also provides walking direction to the parking location of the car. This functionality is particularly useful in busy locations. Besides all these functionalities, you can also check the health of the car all at one place.



Rapid E has a range of 200miles. However, it is capable of charging at a rate of 1851,2 miles per hour using the standard 400V 50kW charger. The cars 800V battery system is capable of fast charging at the rate of 3101,2 miles per hour with 800V 100kW charger. The onboard AC charger can charge the batteries in three hours.

The top speed of the car is 155mph while it can go from 0-60mph in -4.0 seconds and 50-70mph in 1.5 seconds. Climatic conditions and battery charge doesn’t affect their performance. The Rapide E delivers performance consistently without deteriorating the battery and motors.

The Rapide E also enhances the feel of driving including its character and delivery. The attention to detail on the tuning of chassis and powertrain gives exceptional results in handling.

The twin electric motors on the rear wheels drive though the limited-slip differential in combination with revised spring and damper rates. As a result, you will get exceptional handling capabilities.

In conclusion, with Rapide E Aston martin will surely set a benchmark in the zero-emission luxury car segment.

Watch Aston Martin Rapide E

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