Karlmann King: The Tank-Like SUV Is Here

Karlmann King

Karlmann King Is A Stealth Fighter

The Karlmann King is custom made SUV designed by top designers from Europe. It looks like a stealth vehicle from outside and that is where it makes all the difference than traditional SUV.

Karlmann King Front View
Karlmann King Front View

The base of this SUV is Ford F-550. The vehicle is built by a team of 1800 people. The design is inspired by a falcon. Furthermore, the diamond cuttings make it exceptional on its own. The visual appeal of Karlmann King is like a mighty beast.

Exteriors and Interiors

The exteriors of the SUV are made up of Carbon Fiber and steel. It also comes with Bullet Proof as an option. The total weight of the vehicle is 4.5 tonnes while the bulletproof range weighs 6-ton. The All LED lighting system illuminates the road more clearly.

Karlmann King Exterior
Karlmann King Exterior

The interior of the SUV is just like a king’s living room. The interiors come with multi-color options. The 4K UHD intelligent LCTV is at your disposal. In addition, Hi-Fi sound system alongwith PS4 entertainment system keeps you entertained all the time.

The central handrail screen display and phone projection system are some of the most useful technologies to keep you focused on your work. The satellite phone and satellite TV are optional features. Furthermore, the cabin also has private safe to keep your valuables safe even when you are traveling.

Karlmann King Interior
Karlmann King Interior

You can control almost everything inside the cabin thru’ the app. A coffee-making machine is also available; just in case you need a cup of coffee.

Features of Karlmann King

The Karlmann King SUV features state of the art 6.8L. V10 engine with 6-speed automatic gearbox. The 4×4 drive helps you to tackle any terrain. The massive 300mm ground clearance also helps in off-road drivability.

The air suspension at the front and back makes your ride smooth, irrespective of the road condition. The seating capacity ranges from 4-7. The SUV also comes with a 4 or 5 door option.

The max speed of the SUV is 140 km/h. Also, it can work in 40-degree Celsius to 90-degree Celsius. Considering its working temperature range we can say that it will keep going in extreme cold and hot weather alike.

In conclusion, Karlmann King is clearly the king of SUVs and there is no doubt about it.

Watch Karlmann King in action

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